BlizzConline Tracer bike mount is Tracer-exclusive, HotS community feels misled

Source: Blizzard


The Heroes of the Storm community is feeling misled by Activision Blizzard after the recent announcement of the in-game goodies available with the so-called Celebration Collections. Said collections are part of Blizzard 30-year anniversary, which also coincides with the upcoming BlizzConline event (Feb. 19-21) and come in three different tiers, ranging from $20-60.


All of those bundles contain, per the press release, "Tracer’s OSV-03 Rogue mount with Tracer Hero in Heroes of the Storm", but the twist is that Tracer's bike is... locked exclusively for Tracer. No other hero in Heroes of the Storm can use it. 


Source: u/kamesofficial via Reddit


The exclusivity of the mount is not explicitly mentioned in most places. It's not in the press release, nor is it on the official Blizzard Shop page for the Celebration Collections. The language there is not clear and it does give off the impression that the OSV-03 Rogue bike can be used by all heroes in the game. The only exception is the news post on Blizzard's 30-year anniversary, where there's a single mention of the mount's exclusivity midway through the article. What's more, several users are also reporting visual bugs with the mount.


BlizzConline will take place Feb. 19-20 entirely online due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. The event will be entirely free-to-watch, and the virtual ticket is replaced by the aforementioned optional Celebration Collections.

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