For the first time in 7 years, Dr. Mundo makes an appearance in the LEC jungle

The Doctor can see you now. Images via Riot Games


The last time Dr. Mundo was played in the jungle in the League of Legends European Championship iconic philanthropist and leader Nelson Mandela was still alive and Pope Benedict XVI submitted the first papal resignation in nearly 600 years.


The year was 2013 and times were much simpler. Mythic items weren't a thing. There were 37 fewer champions in the League of Legends character pool. The phrase "Tahm Kench" resembled what someone who sneezed would say. And Kristian "Tynx" Hansen of SKGaming was 13 years old.


Fast forward to Friday afternoon and the ax-wielding psycho reappeared in an LEC draft with Tynx piloting the loveable goofball. In a regular-season match against Schalke 04, the mad doctor was unleashed and made his impact felt early on with a quadra kill. Despite going a full tank-build, Tynx was able to chunk his foes down with his ax before cleaning up teammates kills up close.



Despite his best efforts, Tynx and Mundo fell short in the match. But with a 5/2/2 scoreline, Mundo went where he pleases... even if it wasn't to the opponent's nexus.


With the loss, SK Gaming continues to struggle in the LEC  with a third consecutive loss. Nevertheless, Tynx's daring gamble on Dr. Mundo will likely be the highlight of Spring Split's next few weeks. 

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