Team Liquid launches Liquid+ with a live event on Twitch


In late 2020, Team Liquid announced their new fan engagement platform, Liquid+, which would allow Liquid fans to showcase their fandom, interact with their favorite Liquid pros and personalities, learn more about other creators under the Liquid umbrella, collect points, and earn cool prizes. Simply put, the platform encourages fans to be even bigger fans and gives them a way to do so.


"Liquid+ is an app that rewards Team Liquid fans for being a fan! Enjoy a personalized schedule of your favorite Team Liquid squads, participate in quests and experiences and increase your rank by earning points that you can redeem for exclusive rewards. It's also free to join!"


Below are a few key explanations on points, quests, experiences, perks, and ranks.


▲ Liquid+ Points
▲ Liquid+ Quests and Experiences
▲ Liquid+ Status Perks and Ranks


The following was provided to Inven Global as a press release for the Liquid+ Twitch event.


Starting at 10am PT on Wednesday, January 27th, Team Liquid will stream a crazy suite of events that’ll really put the ‘launch’ in project launch. They’ll include:

  • Blue Boldly Goes Into Space: Team Liquid’s mascot Blue will go through a hilarious space training sequence before actually being launched into space via weather balloon. We promise he’ll come back safely.  
  • Giant Arcade Crane Game: Select Liquid+ members will remotely drop a 16-ft crane into a pit of prizes like Team Liquid swag and Alienware products
  • So Much Among Us: Plenty of Liquid+ members will be participating in games of Among Us, but so will some of the Team Liquid athletes. The CS:GO, VALORANT, Dota 2 and League of Legends teams will all take part in sussing each other out. Ovilee May will host.



In the days after launch, expect to see more unusual inter-game competitions between Team Liquid athletes and coaches that don’t usually overlap. You can find all the action on



Images via Team Liquid


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