Six champions receive balance changes in Teamfight Tactics' B-patch

▲ Aurelion Sol is just a little too strong in Teamfight Tactics at the moment. Image via Riot Games


Less than a week after the Teamfight Tactics' team launched Set 4.5, a B-patch was rolled out on Tuesday afternoon to nerf a few champions that were a tad (or more) too powerful. Teased on Monday night by the game mode's Lead Designer, Stephen Mortimer, the B-patch includes changes to six champions, only one of which received buffs. 


As the game's community has seen Elderwood champions and Aurelion Sol dominate the meta since the Festival of Beasts' set dropped last Thursday, naturally, a few of those units received nerfs.


The champions that saw balance changes are as follows:


Diana: The number of Orbs she summons is being lowered from 4/5/7 to 4/5/6.

Rakan: His shield is being lowered from 300/550/950 to 200/400/800. Additionally, his mana pool is being reworked from 40/80 to 60/120.

Zed: The amount of attack damage he steals is being reduced from 20/30/40% to 20/25/30%.

Aurelion Sol: His ultimate's damage is being lowered from 350/550/1750 to 325/500/1750.

Xayah: Her spellcast's mana lock is being raised from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.

Yone: The amount of Armor and Magic Resist he shreds is being buffed from 40/40/40% to 60/60/80%.


The changes above are currently live ahead of next week's 11.3 patch which is scheduled for February 3.

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