DWG KIA to delete Twitter after a suspicious activity "Liked" an adult content from their account


DWG KIA will be deleting their Twitter account. Around midnight on Jan. 26, someone pushed "Like" on an adult content using DWG KIA’s Twitter account. Following this incident, DWG KIA announced that this mishap was due to hacking and will be sharing details later on.


In the afternoon of the same day, DWG KIA CEO Lee Yu-yeong shared more details. Lee said, “It is our duty to reduce the concerns of the fans as much as we can,” and explained the situation.



According to Lee, the DWG KIA office acknowledged the situation at 00:59 on Jan. 26. Afterward, they found two suspicious login records and reported the situation for the police to investigate, and also presented a petition to the cyber investigation department. DWG KIA will be preparing further lawsuit procedures with the company attorney and will be deleting their Twitter account after the situation is resolved.

Below is a full translation of DWG KIA CEO Lee Yu-yeong's statement.



Hello, this is Lee Yu-yeong, the CEO of DWG KIA.


First, my mind is heavy and sorry that my first greetings is about a shameful incident.


It is our duty to reduce the concerns of the fans that spent the night with worried minds as much as we can. So I'd like to share the details about the incident and process.


Jan. 25, 11:40, first report of the incident

Jan. 26, 00:59, DWG KIA acknowledges the incident and starts dealing with the situation


  1. Suspicious login record found

- Two login alerts from 8 p.m. on Jan. 25 and 5 a.m. on Jan. 26.

- We found login records from places unrelated to the team office, so we reported the incident to the police and was requested for a visit from the cyber investigation department on Jan. 26.


  1. Petition presented to the police


- Jan 26., 9 a.m., petition presented to Yeongdeungpo-gu police station cyber investigation department

- WIth the process of the incident and proof material, we visited the cyber investigation department and presented the petition at about 10:30 a.m.. We are also preparing additional lawsuits with DWG KIA's lawyer.


  1. Request of tracing IP to Twitter


- Jan. 26, 10:40 a.m., IP trace request about the "Like" on Twitter's help center

- The IP tracing of the incident can't be done directly by the police cyber investigation department, so we requested to trace the IP from Twitter.

With this, we have shared the process of the situation.


As much as we acknowledge the seriousness of this incident, we all are doing our best working all night to resolve this situation.


The former social media manager had left the company after the jersey incident and therefore is not related to this incident.


Also, there are many posts that are ridiculing the team at the moment. We will be actively taking legal action to protect our players and the team.


Lastly, after resolving this incident, we will be deleting DWG KIA's Twitter account. We will be paying closer attention to team security management including our social media accounts.


We'll do our best to resolve this incident so that the players and fans wouldn't be hurt anymore and to regain DWG KIA's reputation. You would be curious about how the situation is being handled, but please trust us and wait until sure investigation results come up so that the players wouldn't be shaken up.


Again, sorry for all the concerns brought up.




DWG KIA CEO Lee Yu-yeong

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