Classic WoW Alliance guild kills up 250+ Horde raiders in second

Modern World of Warcraft classic servers is filled with experienced gamers that have long since solved the remaster MMORPG's content and gear optimization. As a result, powerful city-wide buffs on certain timers and well-known triggers create very densely populated areas. In this case, the flight path destination to one of the Hordes most popular city can be filled with hundreds of raiders each looking to obtain the buff

A group of Alliance players on the Mograine server just so happened to know precisely when a legion of 250-300 Horde raiders was landing at the same time.


The result was a devastating number of players killed at the same time. Mages in Classic WoW deal huge amounts of AoE damage. Combined with the Horde players being caught totally unaware (and likely AFK), it was like shooting fish in a barrel.


MMORPG always have a way of creating these type of memorable gaming victories. Whether your Horde or Alliance, you have to respect the dedication to petty PvP.

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