Apex Legends devs reminds community that Bloodhound is non-binary

▲ Per Apex Legends canon, Bloodhound uses they/them pronouns

The Apex Legends fandom got caught up in a familiar but quite settled debate over the weekend. The issue involves the gender of one of the game's playable characters, Bloodhound. It is commonly understood that Bloodhound is non-binary, and Respawn Entertainment had already established this when questions came up online the first time.

This time, some fans speculate that the debate grew attention again over an online discussion that mentioned that because Respawn Entertainment hired a woman to voice Bloodhound then that means the character is one. However, the topic of gender has been settled by the developers, the people who created Bloodhound, many times.

Twitter user @SimplyAllegra figured it was time the community needed a reminder.

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Considering how many fans of the game are die-hard Bloodhound fans, the topic of the character's gender coming up frequently is understandable. Some fans are new to the series and want the same developer comment as the games older fans did, whereas other fans may have just started questioning their own understanding of gender identity and do so by inquiring about Bloodhound.


Regardless of why gamers talk about the gender of the characters they play, one thing is for sure. Bloodhound is non-binary and they have the developer's word to prove it.

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