DK ShowMaker: "I wasn’t that big of a fan of SUNMI's, but she said that she likes me, so I got to like her too."

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DWG KIA took a win after their loss. The game against Afreeca Freecs wasn’t that easy as they had prepared well for the match. However, Heo “ShowMaker” Su scaled well in the first game to keep the balance. With his performance, DWK KIA was able to take the win. After the match, ShowMaker expressed a bit of disappointment with himself. It was different from the confident ShowMaker we’ve been seeing after winning Worlds.


It wasn’t an easy game. How do you feel?


Although it was 2-0, it was very close. I think I’ll need to work harder in the future.

You said that you’re not satisfied with your performance. Which part are you the most unsatisfied with?


The macro we’re looking at was different. I think each of our forms all declined as well. Everything was quite unsatisfying.

Fredit BRION focused on mid lane in the last match when you lost.


The mid lane is in the middle, and I think it’s the center of the team. Many teams could do that. I needed to resist well, but the result was because I wasn’t able to deal with it well.

You were near perfect up to now, but you said that you’ve become inconsistent. What would be the reason?


Honestly, I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t practice as much as enough and I’ve been working harder than before, but things didn’t go well. I think I’ve become too hasty in the game. At the same time, I felt pressured in recent matches. I believe we have our coaches to find those reasons. I’ll find what’s bothering me and the team with everyone and make up for it.

You tried to get a solo kill but was countered in game 2.


It would have worked if I had just used Galeforce well, but I used it into a wall and miscalculated the damage. If I hit Galeforce, I probably wouldn’t have needed to use Flash either. If it was me from before, I would have taken a clean kill in that situation.

DWG KIA players are ranked from 1st to 3rd in solo queue. Did the three of you aim for that?


We didn’t say that we should line up at the top, but we got competitive with each other and we were able to take the top 3. After we reached the rank, Khan said that we should match our nicknames.

The video that you shot with Sunmi was updated recently. How did you feel?


I heard that it was elementary pro gamer education. When I arrived, Sunmi was there. At first, I was really surprised. Frankly, I wasn’t that big of a fan of SUNMI's, but she said that she likes me, so I got to like her too.



How did the people around you react after the video was uploaded?


A lot of friends cursed me [Laughs]. They said it was awesome.

Your next match is against Gen.G. How will you face them?


I watched a lot of Gen.G games. We played against them before — I think they’re a good team. I’ll work harder so that we could show a good performance.

Any last comments?


We did win today, but there should be people who were disappointed that we weren’t able to play as well. I’ll make sure we don’t disappoint you again. Please cheer for us.

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