DK Khan: "It’ll be a difficult journey in the future with our current performance. We need to work harder."

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On the 23rd, in the 2021 LCK Spring Split, DWG KIA defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-0 and got over their loss in the previous game. It wasn’t an easy game for DWG KIA, but they got the win through Heo “ShowMaker” Su and Kim “Khan” Dong-ha’s good performances. After the match, the Players of the Games were interviewed by the analyst desk.



How do you feel about today’s win?


ShowMaker: Our performance wasn’t that good, but it’s fortunate that we won.


Khan: I feel relieved that we won 2-0, but it’ll be a difficult journey in the future with our current performance. We need to work harder and we’ll be preparing well for the remaining matches so that we have good results.

You would have been shocked after the previous match. People say that you’ve been practicing much more on solo queue. How was the feedback?


ShowMaker: I can’t discuss the feedback in detail here. There were many issues, so we’re trying to fix all of them one by one.

In game 1, there were situations where Graves and Thresh were cut off before going for the dragon. How did you aim to play the game?


Khan: It wasn’t that the opponent didn’t make as many mistakes as we do, so we said that we should play slow and find our chance. We discussed during post-match feedback about how we didn’t snowball and the mistakes we made after the game and said that we should do better in the second game.

(To ShowMaker) What do you think of the three main mid champions, Syndra, Zoe, and Orianna in the current meta?


ShowMaker: Each champion has different power spikes and pros and cons. I think all the mid laners pick what they’re confident in.

You picked Lucian first in game 2. Were you confident whatever champion the opponent picked?


ShowMaker: Lucian is a pick that’s strong in the early-mid game. I played focusing on priority.

You played well against Syndra. The head to head record between Lucian and Syndra in the LCK is 5-0 in Lucian’s favor. What do you think about this matchup?


ShowMaker: If it’s Lucian vs. Syndra, I think Syndra is more comfortable. But Lucian is stronger in the early game, if Lucian plays well, it’s a comfortable matchup for both.

(To Khan) You unleashed the Rift Herald in mid. Why did you unleash her in mid instead of top?


Khan: I was pushing the lane first and had priority, so if I had the chance, I was going to unleash Shelly in top to get more benefits. But my teammates were making shotcalls of the movement of the opponent Alistar and Lee Sin. They were moving near top, so rather than using Shelly at top, I thought it would be better to use her in mid while the opponents were focusing in top lane, so I used her in mid.

Game 2 was full of fights and skirmishes. When did you think you got the flow?


Khan: Until the mid game, there’s a difference in jungling speed between Nidalee and Lee Sin so we had a comfortable 2-level lead in the jungle. But Lee Sin got kills and they took more priority. We didn’t think we had any advantages until late in the game and we finally thought we won when we stopped their Baron try… Well, it kind of looks that they made us win.

How were the shotcalls when they were trying Baron?


Khan: Even then, we were talking about taking the second turret in mid lane while they get Baron, but when Ghost said that he stopped Gragas, we thought we could stop them and went in.

Your next opponent is Gen.G, a team that you’d need to take down to reach 1st place.


ShowMaker: Our recent performance declined a lot. I also feel that my performance is very inconsistent, so I’m working hard to become more consistent. We’ll keep doing our best, so please cheer for us.


Khan: There are still many parts where I see I lack in. Although we did win 2-0 today, it was regretful that I showed those weaknesses. In the next match, I want to fix those regrets and play well against Rascal, who I think is the best top laner in Korea right now. I’ll prepare well in the remaining time and try to make good results.

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