SKT T1 Peanut: "Rengar and Graves will continue to be top tier in the 7.5 patch"

On March 11th (KST), SKT T1 defeated Kongdoo Monster 2-0 in the second matchup of Day 29 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Sangam eStadium. Wangho “Peanut” Han showed a strong performance on Rengar and Graves.

Below is the post-match press interview with Peanut.



You’re getting close to the number one seed in the playoff finals. How does it feel to keep up the win streak?

We were five wins away after defeating kt Rolster. Now there are three wins to go. It feels good to take one step closer to a goal.

Things were rough in the early stages of Game 1. How did you try to overcome?

Since all the enemy champions were AD-based, I thought we could win as long as we didn’t make mistakes.

I noticed that Coach kkOma seemed to give out some stern feedback after Game 1. What did you guys talk about?

He always gives feedback after a game, and today was like any other day. It’s just… We played from behind in early Game 1. So, yeah.

You’re set to face Afreeca in the next match. I’m sure the last defeat leaves much to be desired. Do you think it’s important to prioritize countering Marin?

On the contrary, we lost because we were preoccupied in countering him. I think we can win if we stick to our original winning strategy.

Afreeca alternates between Mowgli and Spirit. What are some differences between them?

I used to memorize and think about those things a lot last year, but I don’t care whom I’ll play against this year. I try to focus on my own plays on a clear mind.

Is there a reason for this change?

I guess competing for a starting spot changed my thinking. What matters is that I do well.

Do you think the friendly competition for a starting spot is a net positive?

I think it’s a net positive, and I’m certainly thankful that Blank keeps closing out games like a relief pitcher. I was especially thankful to him when my team defeated kt Rolster.

How will jungle change with the recent 7.5 patch?

I don’t expect any major changes. Rengar and Graves will continue to be top tier, while other champions like Lee Sin and Elise will be a half a step below that.

What are some stylistic differences between Profit and Huni?

People say players have distinct playstyles according to their characteristics, but I don’t know if pro players show that much difference. I think a player is either good or bad, so both of them aren’t that different.

Do you have any messages to the fans?

I think to myself that I’m playing well, but I’m a little sad that little mistakes often get highlighted. I should accept criticisms because it's the small things that make big differences, but I can't help my feelings from getting hurt. I think I should step up my game to rise above the skepticism. Lastly, I’m grateful for fans who cheer us on.

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