BRO head coach Edgar: "I thought we had what it takes to win in our performances."


On Jan 21, in the 2021 LCK Spring Split, Fredit BRION finally collected their first LCK win. Before today, Fredit BRION had two losses in which they weren’t able to take a single game. They surprised everyone as they took the win against the world champion, DWG KIA. After upsetting DWG KIA, Fredit BRION head coach Choi “Edgar” Woo-beom joined Inven for an interview.



You made a miracle.


Yes [Laughs]. Honestly, since the opponent was too strong, we didn’t really think of winning. I just said we should show an interesting game where we’re extremely tough. It’s a great day that we won 2-0 — the in-game performance was really good as well.

What would be the main reason for your win today?


At first, I thought there were laners that needed to improve much more. I invested a lot of time, assigning coaches to individual players. I’d like to thank our coaches, Kwon “Wraith” Ji-min and Lee “Drinker” Seung-hoo, for doing such a great job.


After feedback sessions, Drinker took care of top laner Hoya. Wraith talked with Lava until late as well. Both coaches are doing so well. I’m looking forward to their work in the future.

How did you think of playing the game today? What did you prepare?


I thought there was a big difference in terms of class. So we banned several jungle champions. Personally, I think this brought us a lot of benefits. Also, we picked a composition that was more comfortable to play than DWG KIA — a low-difficulty comp.

It must have been a hard time for you last week.


I thought we had what it takes to win in our performances. It was just that the players were in too much of a hurry. I just told my players, we shouldn’t hurry too much and that we had nothing to lose.

Lava improved so much in just a week. You must have helped him a lot mentally as well.


Two days ago, I had a talk with all the players. What I always seek is to play strong even if we die. That was the only thing I emphasized. There were some things that needed improvement in terms of practicing, so I took care of that too.

The evaluations towards Hena and Delight are nothing but positive.


It’s true that they’re doing better than expectations. Hena is really surprising. I gave him feedback on very detailed things such as not throwing away EXP or knowing when to recall. The feedback is a bit strong, but he accepted all of it and fixed it really fast. Most players take a long time to fix their problems, but it wasn’t the case with Hena.


As much as he’s a very young rookie, I don’t think he had proper coaching before. He’s a stainless player. Don’t be dragged around by the team, make sure to scale. He understands well and learns fast.

This may be a sensitive issue, but how do the scrims go?


When the team was first formed, I didn’t have any positive expectations for scrims. Everyone expected us to end up in last place. Some people even said all the players were pre-scratched lottery tickets. That already was sad, but since they didn’t go through me, I thought it’s worth a shot. Scrims weren’t as bad as I thought from the beginning. There was a time that scrims got worse, but after the talk with the players, I felt they changed.

UmTi said that the coaching staff should be the MVP.


That’s because UmTi has maxed his social skill level [Laughs]. I’m very thankful, but I hope the spotlight goes to the players and the other coaches. I’m already well-known, and I have a good career. But the players and coaches don’t. I hope they shine.

What’s your goal this year?


My goal was not to end up in last place. It’s a relief that we collected our first win earlier than thought. In the long run, my goal is to reach the playoffs and the final goal would be reaching Worlds, although I don’t know how many seasons it’s going to take us.

What kind of team should Edgar’s team be called?


A team of teamfights. In the games we lost, we were trailing a lot, but we clung on tightly in teamfights. We’re working hard to get good teamfights.

Your next match is against Nongshim RedForce.


Whoever we meet, I think it’s a half-half chance. The draft and condition of that day would determine the outcome.

More fans should pay attention to Fredit BRION after today’s game.


We don’t have many fans yet. I don’t know if we’ll gain fans with today’s game, but the players are really doing their best. Please see this positively and cheer for us.

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