Top 5 units to look out for in TFT's 4.5 set, Festival of Beasts


“Festival of Beasts”, also known as the mid-season set for Teamfight Tactic’s set 4 Fates, has finally hit the live servers. With it, TFT said goodbye to almost a third of the champion pool and welcomed some new champions and traits that will surely leave most casual players confused at first, but encourage them to be more experimental. 


Before the release on the live servers, Inven Global spent a lot of time on the PBE servers to figure out which of the new units are OP and have the potential to take over the meta. Here are the top five champions that we think will most likely be met with the nerf hammer in TFT’s 4.5 set “Festival of Beasts”. 

ShyvanaA trip down memory lane to Set 1



This is a unit that’ll pretty much carry any player through their early to mid game. As a 3-star Dragonsoul/Brawler unit, this champion is reminiscent of her former appearance all the way back in set 1. Her spell allows her to transform into a dragon and grants her auto attacks with on-burn effects, and since the ‘Dragon’s Blessing’ buff will be granted to the first unit that takes damage, she’s a must-have unit, at least in all early boards that players run.


Recommended items: Warmog’s Armor, Quicksilver, Guinsoo’s Rageblade.


SivirA must-have unit, especially in a Sharpshooter composition



As a 3-star Cultist/Sharpshooter that newly joins the 4.5 set, Sivir grants nearby allies with attack speed for 5 seconds, while gaining extra AD for the duration. To give an example of how OP that is, Zeke’s Herald, grants allies with only 30% extra attack speed. Whether you’re building a Cultist composition or a Sharpshooter composition, she’s a must-have. 


Recommended items: Hand of Justice, Spear of Shojin; most items built out of BF Sword work well.


Cho'GathHis enemies are going for a ride



Cho’Gath returns to TFT after being removed in the mid-season patch during set 3 (Galaxy). As a 4-star Fabled/Brawler unit that returns to the Festival of Beasts, the immense crowd control from his kit will aid any player’s journey to victory. What’s unique about this champion is that with the Fabled trait buff, his Q will now knock up the entire board (double knock-ups when enemies are also caught in the middle). That’s right, the ENTIRE board. Although not as versatile as some of the other new units like Samira, when his CC is combined with other units’ CC like Sejuani and Nautilus, your team comp will look to frustrate your enemies with chain CC.


Recommended items: Dragon’s Claw, Morellonomicon, Bramble Vest. 

OlafHe will literally slay everything in his path



As a 4-star Dragonsoul/Slayer unit, Olaf is a unit that’s best compared to a meat grinder. He gains attack speed, CC immunity, and empowered AOE auto attacks when he activates his ult. The Dragonsoul buff will allow him to just shred the front lines, while the Slayer buff allows him to lifesteal through the damage he receives, so healing reduction against Olaf is a must. Even just the fact that he has a built-in Quicksilver in his kit makes him OP, but even gaining a ton of attack speed and AOE attacks in the process? He’s definitely on a speedrun to see how long it’ll take for Riot to nerf him.


Recommended Items: Bloodthirster, Hand of Justice, Rapidfire Cannon. Deathblade, Guardian’s Angel are also viable.


SamiraYou thought she was broken on Summoner's Rift? Wait until you play against a 2-star Samira.



As a Daredevil/Sharpshooter/Slayer, Samira is one of the newest 5-cost champions to join the Festival of Beasts. Her unique trait, Daredevil, allows her to gain style points to unleash her ultimate onto her enemy. Her other traits, Slayer and Sharpshooter, will not only grant her extra damage and lifesteal, but also allows her to attack to bounce off to other units. Think of her as an improved version of Katarina, as she can safely deal damage from afar to gain style points and ult. Even without any of her trait bonuses, she’ll still look to decimate her enemies’ backlines, so be on the lookout for the Daredevil.


Why use Katarina when Samira does her job better?


Recommended items: Hand of Justice, Quicksilver, Last Whisper. Giant Slayer and Hextech Gunblade are also viable options for Samira.

Keep in mind that this is a very subjective list and as players figure out the new traits and units over time, new synergies could bloom through experimentation. As a final note, the list above is only listed per unit cost (3-star to 5-star), and is a list that's been created through Inven Global's experience with the new set on the PBE server. Which units and synergies are you most excited to try out in this new set? 

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