Darkmoon Races, Hearthstone's first-ever mini-set, coming on Thursday

A brand new Hearthstone mini-expansion is coming this week. Source: Blizzard


Strap in your seat belt, fill up your gas tank, and turn on your headlights as the races are set to begin. For the first time ever, a mini-expansion is coming to Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone and, on Tuesday morning, details were revealed on what players can expect.



Titled The Darkmoon Races, players will be introduced to 35 unique cards that can shake up the meta once the content drop launches on Jan. 21. Players can unlock the entire 66 card set for purchase through the game's client for $14.99 or with 2000 Gold. Individual mini-expansion cards can be found in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs for those that have some packs lying around or want to acquire the content over time.


According to the game's official Twitter page, cards featured in the mini-expansion will be revealed every hour throughout the day.


Thus far, only three have been shown:



In two months, Hearthstone will be celebrating its' seventh birthday and with the first-ever mini-expansion on the horizon, who knows what this game has in store moving forward.

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