Is Quinn a clear counter to Renekton?


Before this season, the Quinn vs. Renekton matchup had only appeared five times in the LCK. Now, just one week into the new season, it’s already been played twice: in game 1 of Gen.G vs. Fredit BRION and game 2 of kt Rolster vs. Liiv SANDBOX. The tally so far in all seven games is 4-3 in favor of Renekton. 


Quinn is mostly picked as a counter to Renekton, but the data suggests that Quinn doesn’t always have the advantage. Quinn has the clear edge in the 1v1s, but there are many variables in LoL, and many of those smile towards Renekton. This means that even in solo queue, Quinn isn’t always a hard counter to Renekton.



Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon said something similar after winning with Quinn against Liiv SANDBOX. 


“Basically, Quinn can’t make a single mistake during the laning phase,” Doran explained. “If Quinn makes zero mistakes, Quinn can take the lead in this matchup. However, one slip could forfeit the priority to Renekton and it would make it nearly impossible for Quinn to overcome by itself.”


A Quinn one-trick streamer who reached Grandmaster also chimed in about the matchup:


 “Cleanse is a must against Renekton. If you pick Ignite, your laning could become stronger, but if the opponent jungler camps Quinn, there’s nothing the Quinn could do. If you take Cleanse, 2v2 fights may tilt towards Renekton, but the more items Quinn builds, the more she gets an advantage.”



According to (Jan. 19), Quinn has a 44.3% win rate in 430 games in Platinum and above, but this is turned around to 55.6% when it’s Master and above (18 games). Quinn may be advantageous in the natural 1v1 mechanism, but the higher the ranks go, the more Quinn needs to play perfectly, and the more she needs to be utilized to fit the compositions and variables of the game.

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