KT Ucal: "The team atmosphere was great last year, but this year is better than great -- it’s crazy!"

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On Jan. 16, kt Rolster swept Liiv SANDBOX in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. With the 2-0 win, kt Rolster collected their first win of the season. Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon had a great performance in the game playing Viktor and Orianna, and was voted as the Player of the Game for both games. After the match, he was interviewed by the analyst desk.



It’s your first win of the season. How do you feel?


We needed to collect our first win of the season, so I was a bit anxious, but as the game started, the anxiety went away. I feel good that we had fun getting our first win.

The first game was a traditional matchup, Azir vs Viktor. What do you think of this matchup?


I think Azir is a very bad champion right now. So I thought I would have the advantage even if I trail in lane. Kuro left some great pointers before he left so there were no problems. He was one of the top 3 players on champions like Viktor or Orianna -- when he was in the team, I watched him from behind and learned a lot about positioning or laning.

Isn’t it awkward seeing him through the screen like this?


I watch a lot of his streams without telling him. I saw him duo with Smeb as well. It was really fun. [Laughs]

In the Baron fight, it seemed dangerous since Malphite’s ult hit very well.


When we were trying Baron, our Kai’Sa suddenly said, “Huh? I don’t have Flash” and got blown up. I thought we were doomed when we started the fight. The ult hit really well, but it was alright since it was an angle where I can’t die. It felt that the opponents were doing a 5v4 fight without me, so I just killed them all.

Your performance was really good today. How did you “retrieve your memory”?


Actually, coach Hirai tried to recover my confidence from last summer, but it wasn’t easy to change. I started to come back little by little from summer and it got better during the stove league. Also, whoever’s here, I think they would do like I do since my teammates are really good.

How was the Quinn-Renekton matchup? Doran struggled in the early game.


Doran is actually really good. But sometimes he gets overworked while hitting his opponent and wrecks the game. [Laughs] When all spells were out in top lane, he said that laning is going well so he’ll carry but he died…

Blank is back this season. His performance was impressive today. What do you think?


Actually, Blank’s mechanics weren’t that good today. Except for that, I think he was the world’s best jungler.

There are two junglers in the team: Bonnie and Blank. How’s the synergy?


We give positive influence to each other constructively, so it’s good. We got very close.

The roster is a lot younger compared to last year. What’s different?


The team atmosphere was great last year, but this year is better than great -- it’s crazy! [Laughs]

Your next match is against Hanwha Life Esports. You’ll be facing Chovy.


Chovy is really good… Frankly, I’m confident that I could win. More than that, I believe my four teammates are better than Hanwha Life Esports’ four players (besides Chovy), so I’ll go and get carried.

Any words to the fans?


Some fans could have thought, “What are they doing?” after watching our game against Gen.G. I hope you calmed down a bit after watching today’s game. I’ll do my best to show fun games all the time so please cheer for us. Thank you.

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