Top 5 engaging games that bring back school memories



If you haven’t spent a weekend binge-watching the first three seasons of Stranger Things then you do not know the true meaning of the word nostalgia. For those of us who grew up or went to school in the ’80s and ’90s, it will bring back old memories of the good old days. Another great thing that will take you down memory lane are games about school that just give a virtual tour of your past and make you feel young and wild again. We usually get the urge to play these games when we suddenly remember our high school sweethearts or catch an old episode of Saved by the Bell on cable. Today, there is a whole sub-genre of games where you go to school, but there are also those good old titles that are not exactly school games, but they just give us that sweet vibe.


Surviving high school again

Every essay can be difficult no matter if you are in high school, college, or university. Sometimes, hiring some expert writing help is not a bad idea for young students. Essays delivered by Edubirdie are maybe just what you need to ace your paper assignments with style. This is one way to survive high school, beating this popular game will take more than good writing. It is a game of choices that you wished you had when you were just a shy student back in the days.

Each choice one makes has consequences, but the beauty of this game is that you can always go back and do everything again. This great graphic adventure brings one fresh approach to the whole school life games genre by putting things in a first-person perspective. As you walk down those school corridors, the beautiful game art will take you to a perfect version of your fantasy high school. It will make you remember that not everything was about class lessons or teacher rules but also about socializing, falling in love, and dreaming about your future. 




The Sims university

One of these awesome games is any of the Sims series with all expansion packs you can imagine. These games are so fun and they have unprecedented social dynamics that resemble real college hanging out. Every student can relive his school fantasies and become a cool and popular pupil that everybody adores. The attention to detail is fantastic, especially with all those expansion packs that give us a ton of little items and fashionable characters to play with. You will feel transported into a time when doing your essay assignment was the biggest problem in your life. 


▲ EA Games

Persona 3

Once the reality of campus life becomes overwhelming, take some retreat in a fantasy world of the Persona franchise. After you write homework, take a Dark hour recess and spend some time battling shadow monsters for a change. This will surely make your social life on campus more interesting, but your grades and academic life could suffer if you spend too much time battling monsters. Players can connect and form bonds just like students in real life. These are special magic bonds that might inspire players to appreciate their real-life friends and connect with them on a deeper level.



Guitar Hero

If anyone wonders why this title is on our list, it is because of that overwhelming feeling of gathering with your friends after school and just rocking and rolling. Unlike other popular high school games, this one leaves an aftertaste of hanging out with your crew, gossiping, and chit-chatting. It also makes one feel like a rock star, at least for a while. Who knew that education could be so interesting? Try jamming some of the world’s most famous rock anthems as you take a break from reading some chemistry book or studying for final exams. 




Mortal Kombat

This one is on a list because it is timeless and there is no kid that didn’t play it at least once in their lifetime, especially during high school. When it came out it was played on arcades, future generations played it on Sega or Playstation consoles. Older and experienced players would give a lesson to younger ones about hidden features or fatalities. Those were beautiful days of hanging with your buddies after school, and just fighting with your favorite warriors. Today’s graphics are maybe more advanced, but the spirit of old Mortal Kombat still lives on in our hearts.

There are many other games that will trigger high school nostalgia in your heart and we urge young students to explore them too. They are just a great way to spend your free time and take a break from studying. Some games may even prove good for your education in general as they are a great but fun way of developing some useful soft skills, like focusing or prioritizing. Games like these will also make one remember that studying was never about just hard learning, but also about having some great fun as well.



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