Minecraft YouTuber TommyInnit's video was flagged as 18+ and he can no longer watch it

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TommyInnit has been on the rise as one of the top Minecraft speedrunners in the world, but recently, the Minecraft streamer ran into a unique problem on his own YouTube channel.  One of TommyInnit's recent videos was flagged on YouTube as 18+ content, and because TommyInnit is a minor, he is now unable to watch the video he created on his own YouTube channel. 



The video in question, titled "The Absolute Funniest Minecraft Video Ever" featured TommyInnit and fellow streamers/content creators Wilbur Soot, Quackity and Philza utilizing a mod based around the Ender Dragon, the single largest mob spawn in Minecraft that can be found in The End. The Ender Dragon is a notable mob in the community and has been accepted as the unofficial final boss of Minecraft, but nothing about the creature or the video's focus seemed particularly controversial.


TommyInnit explained in a follow-up Tweet after receiving many responses to his initial Tweet that YouTube had flagged the video for a certain line of dialogue. The line that caused the age restriction does violate what YouTube currently considers all-ages friendly content, and while the sarcasm in TommyInnit's response implies that he understands why the video was flagged, a content creator not being able to watch their own video on their own platform is an extremely rare occurence.


Many of TommyInnit's followers disagreed with the reason for the age restriction due to the context of the statement within the video, while others stated that regardless of the context, the video shouldn't have been flagged at all. There is a possibility that the flagging of the video was an automation or algorithm utilized by YouTube to maintain content regulations, but no further information has been provided by any party regarding the age restriction on TommyInnit's video.



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