YourPrincess steps down from Twitch Rivals after multiple teammates decline the invitation


On Jan 11, the draft for the upcoming Twitch Rivals tournament took place, with the eight team captains selecting their teammates from a large pool. Jayden "YourPrincess" Diaz was one of those captains, and she selected her team of Michael "MikeYeung" Yeung, Kishan "Dragoon" Makati, Yanni "LL Stylish" Azamoum, and Derek "Lohpally" Abrams. 


Shortly after the draft, however, multiple players selected for her team dropped out of the tournament, citing various reasons such as scheduling conflicts and the controversy around YourPrincess' participation in the event. MikeYeung, Dragoon, and LL Stylish each decided not to play, while Lohpally has not yet commented on the draft at the time of publishing. 


The context around the issues of YourPrincess playing in this tournament is complex. During the Me Too movement in the esports scene this summer, YourPrincess accused a professional player Jean-Sébastien "Tuesday" Thery of sexual misconduct. Tuesday later responded, clarifying the situation, and providing proof that some of her claim was false. Since her accusation, YourPrincess has been spammed with messages about Tuesday both on Twitter and Twitch.


These message spams rolled over to the Twitch Rivals broadcast, where eventually Tuesday became a banned word in the Twitch chat. 



After three of the teammates declined to participate in the tournament, YourPrincess spoke with the Twitch Rivals organizers and decided to drop out of the event herself. She streamed her response to the situation herself, announcing that she had not been the one to request his name ban, and further attempting to clarify the situation from last summer when she initially made her accusation. 



Twitch Rivals has not yet responded with their next steps. This is an ongoing story, so check back here for updates upon further development.




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