Brink Bionics debuts neural mouse interface Impulse at CES 2021

Source: Trisha Hershberger


Earlier this month, Brink Bionics debuted Impulse, its neural mouse interface, at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, which took place entirely online in a digital format due to restrictions caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. 


A neural mouse interface is exactly what it sounds like — the interface allows the user wearing it to control their mouse cursor with their mind. Impulse can be worn by the user like a glove,  and registers the action before your finger presses the mouse button.



In the demo linked above, the left and right switches of the mouse have been removed completely, so the only way that left and right click are happening is with Impulse. Outside of the actual movement of the mouse, everything else is being activated entirely by the neural mouse interface that is Impulse. 


Trisha Hershberger gave a solid breakdown of Impulse and all of its functions on her channel as well, showing how the neural mouse interface tracks one's electronic impulses and transmits them directly to the game at the player's whim. 



Brink Bionics is based out of Waterloo Canada, and recently completed its Kickstarter campaign which surpassed its goal by a staggering 372%.  Upon debuting Impulse at CES 2021, Brink Bionics showcased demos of its own to properly introduce the product. 


Aesthetically, Impulse most closely resembles a driving glove in that it is fingerless except for a quarter-sleeve around the index that secures the apparatus around one's hand. The glove is covered in a band of orange receptors, and a wire comes out of the side of the glove on the far side of the pinky finger to connect to the computer.


Impulse is intended to be used with a mouse, and if one was to utilize it for gaming, the only movement they would need is the mouse itself. Everything else will happen at the speed of thought. 


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