[Guide] EXOS Heroes Quantum Raid

If you have been following our Inven Global Exos site, then this guide will look familiar to my previous article Exos Heroes: Halloween Quantum Raid update: New seasonal mini game with end game rewards. Please take a glance at that article for basic information on this rotating event.


This holiday season, Line Games has brought back the Quantum Raid, which will continue to be a rotating event similar to the Core Raid which essentially offers players a way to spend their massive amount of levistones in other ways apart from the standard exploration. So even if you miss out on completing this event, don’t worry as it will return with a new theme and potentially upgraded mechanics. This current rotation has not changed much in terms of gameplay, so if you followed tips from my last article, then you will find the same content here. They have, however, provided some new quality of life upgrades to this game mode that have made it a bit more efficient in terms of farming and progressing through the content.


New hero balance adjustments


For the most part, this new Quantum Raid looks and plays identical to the previous iteration. The most notable updates to the actual game play include adjustments to different hero classes in terms of skills and mana generation. During the first Quantum Raid, it was not clear how each hero class was able to generate mana, now Line Games has provided the information below to inform players how mana is generated. In addition, they identified changes made to the Guardian, Knight, and Paladin classes. These new mana generation updates provided to the front line hero classes have allowed them to utilize their passive skills sooner and more often. One of the issues with last rotation was that the front line tanks were not effectively utilizing their passive skills so it was harder to keep the middle and back line heroes alive; now the front line can efficiently keep the rest of your team safe. 


In terms of passive skill upgrades, most have remained the same. As you can see below, the Enchanter’s skill now only affects 1 enemy as opposed to all, but also now decreases critical hit which makes them much more valuable for the boss fights. There has also been updates to how skills are utilized by different hero classes. As seen below, only Paladins, Tricksters, and Enchanters have been upgraded which has given them some added value to your team. In the previous Quantum Raid, these were not very useful at higher difficulties given their skills and usage were not very effective as other classes in the same line. Now they can be utilized in your team allowing for a more diverse team composition when progressing through stages and defeating the final boss.  



New quality of life features


The most notable improvements to this season’s Raid are the quality of life features added that improve overall interaction within the content. As I mentioned before, these upgrades will be seen in future rotations as well, so those new to the game can consider yourself lucky to not have to experience the growing pains of this game mode. Among all the new features, my personal favorite is the newly added repeat battle function. This was a feature many in the community wanted to see in the first Quantum Raid as it takes significant time to build your team due to the amount of battles required for farming elemental stones. Many Exos players, myself included, did not want to sit staring at the same battle for hours until you had enough stones to level up different heroes. Now with the new repetitive battle option in the home menu, you can just check it and let it go while you go about your day. This makes the grind so much better and worth your time.


This current Quantum Raid rotation features a holiday theme, similar to last rotation, but now offers a repetitive battle function!


Given the new repetitive battle, at the end of your run you will find yourself  with massive amounts of elemental stones to level heroes. This leads us to the next QoL upgrade, which is an improvement to the hero growth system. As you can see below, in the team management menu there is now the ability to increase multiple levels for a hero. Another great feature that makes the overall experience better.


Now you can stock up on elemental stones and burn them all at once to level your heroes with the new multi-level feature.


Lastly, although not a feature that will impact how you play, the amount of stones you currently have stocked in your inventory can now be seen in the raid shop. This is a nice feature that will allow you to spend your raid tickets more efficiently and not force you to leave the shop to check how much you have and need. 


The Raid Shop has been updated to now show your elemental stone inventory. 


6 basic tips for progression


The number of elemental stones and raid currency rewarded increases at higher stages.


Given the new quality of life features and the upgraded hero skills, progressing through this event will feel much easier and quicker than before. That said, I still would like to reiterate and update the basic tips from my last article to help your progression for future Quantum Raids in order to tackle it quicker for the great free rewards:


  1. Build the default 3-star heroes Glenn/Zeon/April first. If you are a spender or free to play, these 3 will get you to stage 4-5 (depending on RNG) of easy difficulty through auto battles. That said, I recommend initially farming stage 1 until you gain enough stones to unlock their skills at level 4. Once you meet that milestone, start leveling new heroes to add to your team. This stays true for all difficulties, auto-farm stage one until you have enough stones to level up your entire team. I was able to clear the final stage of the very hard difficulty with a full team of level 12 heroes. 
  2. Completing higher level stages of each difficulty is not required to complete the event and will not help you obtain the free rewards faster. You can easily gain enough tickets and experience from farming stage 1 of hard or very hard difficulty to complete the Core Raid Pass and buy all the Raid Shop Step-Up Rewards. Just make sure you are saving all your levistones from daily activities and events.  
  3. Focus on building a diverse team of all classes in each group. Given the skill sets of each class, you should aim to build a Guardian/Knight/Paladin for the Front team and Assassin/Warrior/Wizard for the Mid team.  
  4. Try to utilize different elements in each group as much as possible. Given the quantity of stones required to level increases as you increase level, you will find it more difficult to level heroes of the same element as you will have to split resources. As there are 6 elements, it is inevitable that you will overlap elements in different classes, but try to minimize the amount of same elements in your team for faster progression.
  5. Utilize and build 3-star units. Yes, using 5-star heroes seems ideal given their higher base stats. Remember that they ultimately use the same skills as their lower grade counterparts but have higher level requirements. If you want to utilize your levistones most efficiently, stick to building 3-star heroes to progress faster. 
  6. Hit the boss at daily reset when entry is free. Given the boss stages (stage 9) is significantly harder than all of the previous 8 stages, I recommend not hitting it until daily reset when entry is free on the first run. This is due to the fact that losing a battle will not refund your levistones. So in terms of efficiency, if you are not sure if you can beat the boss, farm more stones at stage 1, level your team, and wait until reset to attempt stage 9. 

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