Mavix M7 Gaming Chair review and interview with CEO Tony Mazlish


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A fancy conference room chair from a Silicone Valley start-up and a racing chair collide to create the Mavix Gaming Chair. Before you roll your eyes at the thought of another gaming chair hitting the overly saturated market, hold up. This is not your basic NPC seat. Mavix is taking us into the future and elevating what a gaming chair stands for./


Mavix was kind enough to send the Inven Culture team their M7 model and my “work from home slouch” is incredibly grateful. I’ve been using a DX Racer chair for a couple of years, and though there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was until I sat in the Mavix. As soon as I took a seat, I felt a lift and buoyancy which actually encouraged me to sit up straight. 


The Mavix M7 in Black & Red


The seat’s slight flexibility and bounce make it extremely comfortable. The open mesh on both the seat and back allows for better air circulation and cooling for intense gaming sessions when things get, well, sweaty. However, if you prefer firmness, you can check out the Mavix M9, which substitutes the bouncy feeling for a foam-cushioned seat.



I have a lot of issues with my elbow hanging off my desk when using a mouse, and thankfully the Mavix has adjustable armrests allowing me to easily match the height of my desk. You can also adjust the height of the chair itself, the recline function for those of you with wall-mounted TVs or monitors, and back and headrest height. 


The back is split into two parts, a mesh portion (gotta get with that air circulation!) and Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support. The DVL curves into the small of your back offering support you can’t get from most other gaming chairs.  This is easily adjusted by pulling the piece up or down to fit your specific comfort.  All adjustability functions easily click and lock into place either by pulling the piece directly or with a lever located under the seat. 



The chair arrived assembled with standard wheels but the package included optional rubber caster wheels in matching red. These offered a much smoother glide against the carpet in my office. Make sure you eat your Wheaties before trying to remove them though, it took a lot of muscle to swap these out. Both types of wheels can be locked to hunker down during those marathon gaming sessions. 


The Mavix M7 caster wheels


All in, this is a solid desk chair whether you’re intending to use it to game or work from home. If you’re on the fence about giving these chairs a spin, Mavix does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-year warranty. 


My only gripe with the Mavix is the lack of color customizability (purple please!) as I’m used to from other gaming chair companies. However, as I learned from my interview below with Mavix CEO Tony Mazlish and Matt Hillman, Founding Partner at marketing agency Zoned Gaming and Mavix business partner, that topic is being addressed. Check out our conversation below to learn more about future Mavix plans and their influencer squad, the Mavix Mob. 


The Game Awards Content Creator of the Year, Valkyrae with the Mavix 



Share with us the importance of having a high-quality desk/gaming chair. What are specific key advantages to Mavix brand chairs over the competition?


Tony: Part of what separates Mavix from other gaming chairs is our commitment to sound ergonomic solutions. Our team has over 20 years of experience developing high-quality ergonomic office chairs, and the lessons learned from that time informed our thinking when it came to designing the M-Series. 


Like office work, gaming is a mostly sedentary activity, and similar rules of comfort apply. Every Mavix chair includes the proprietary Dynamic Variable Lumbar support (DVL) we first pioneered with X-Chair. It’s a key ergonomic piece that keeps your lower back comfortable, and a crucial feature most racing-style gaming chairs lack. Additionally, Mavix chairs offer cool seating via Mavix Mesh or Cool Gel M-Foam, locking wheels, and deep recline to maximize comfort. 


We’re confident that Mavix’s quality and design set it apart from other competitors in the space. Although we made the M-Series with gamers in mind, its sleek aesthetics allow a ubiquity of use across multiple settings. And, with so many of us working from home, Mavix chairs are a nice addition that can help folks transition seamlessly from work to play. 


Mavix chairs are currently available in a few standard colorways, are there plans to offer more customization or design options in the future? 


Tony: We’re always exploring new styles and design options for our chairs. We know our core audience of gamers love to personalize and customize their gear, from self-built PCs to colorful, game-specific console skins. The glacial blue M9 has been one of our most popular chairs, and it’s one of only two chairs in our inaugural collection that offers colors other than black and white. 


Based on sales and the particular interests of our consumer base, we can clearly see the desire for more color and customization. The question then becomes how to offer more options while keeping the chairs affordable and maintaining our high-quality standards. We’ll keep you posted on what the design team comes up with next.


Straight out of the gate Mavix is already partnered up with one of the most recognizable esports organizations, OpTic. We imagine there are plans to expand out the Mavix Mob to include additional teams and influencers. What criteria are you looking for in brand ambassadors as you grow out the Mob program? 


Matt: It’s been fantastic working with Hector and Scump, and we were thrilled to extend our relationship with them to the entire OpTic organization. We’re eager to work with people who have resonance in the gaming and esports space and are excited to join the community we’re building. But, we’re more about bringing on “authentic” voices, as opposed to just “endemic” voices. 


We’re proud that the Mavix Mob is broad enough to include Valkyrae—who just won Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards—and Josh Hart, an NBA fan-favorite who has really carved out a place for himself in gaming. We are excited to continue expanding our footprint in new titles, both competitively and recreationally. 


Hector “HECZ” Rodriguez, CEO and Co-Owner of NRG Esports


As we move into the new year, can you give us a teaser or any exciting updates you have for Mavix coming in 2021?


Matt: We’ve got big plans to keep the momentum going in 2021, including new partner signings, activations, and ways to push the gaming space forward. We’ve built an incredibly strong community, and if the world opens back up, we look forward to actually throwing some events and providing an IRL experience for our customers. Everything we’re planning this year puts our community first and focuses on bringing personality to an otherwise dry space.


Want to take your gaming set-up to the next level? You can check out all Mavix models and learn more about their partnership with OpTic Chicago now on their site.

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