Riot Games Brazil parts ways with MiT after sexual assault allegations; statement issued

Image source: Riot Games


Riot Games has fired its upcoming caster Gabriel “MiT” Souza for CBLoL’s Academy League 2021 season following allegations of sexual violence. 



[Updated 1:50 PM PT] 

Following recent sexual assault accusations, Gabriel “MiT” Souza has been cut from the CBLoL Academy talent team. The former League of Legends coach has issued a statement regarding the situation, translated below.


“About the happening


Years ago, I could not find the maturity I have today to deal with such an important matter with the courage and responsibility that it deserves. A lot of time has passed to someone who has felt hurt to realize that there was something that didn’t feel right. I am devastated and embarrassed for not realizing I had hurt someone so deeply, and I do not condone any form of abuse.


In the past years, I have constantly evolved as a human being, to understand that there is no justification or mitigation to certain situations you’ve lived. Evolution is a slow process constant, not sudden. Pain and memory only belong to those who suffered, and it is not up to me to diminish or treat them as everyday life.


Never in my life, I had the intention to hurt anyone, and happenings like this evening are important to open our eyes to situations and developments we could not have seen then. It is hard to repair a moment without the necessary conversation and unveiling feelings. I hope this is not taboo to anyone reading my plea.


I leave in this letter my sincere sentiments for any wounds I have caused to anyone along my 29 years of age, independent of the scope.”



Victims came forward on Twitter regarding sexual assault allegations against MiT. Daniela Li stated in the past, he had insisted on meeting up with her at hotels and secluded places, even though she had expressed discomfort. The sexual violence act happened around six to seven years ago when the former CBLoL coach forced her to engage in oral sex while in a car ride. 



“I picked him [MiT] up in his gaming house by car, and we stopped at a street to decide what we would do that night. We ended up kissing, and out of nowhere, he pulled his penis out of his pants. I was alone with a dude in the middle of nowhere at night. He started forcing my head downwards to perform oral sex, which I had clearly shown I did not want to do, and he understood. I tried to not engage, and he held my head in his pelvic region. He even tells people about this story, saying I didn’t want to do it, he just doesn’t mention the fact he forced me to. After that, I left him back at the gaming house.”, reads part of the statement.


Following Daniela’s statement, cosplayer and content creator Debora Fuzeti stepped forward as another victim. In addition, MiT’s ex-girlfriend Carolina, exposing the reason behind their breakup, related to her learning about the past allegations on top of the emotional abuse she suffered throughout the relationship.



MiT marked his LoL Esports career by playing and coaching, moving on to work on the broadcast for the Challenger Circuit and All-Star. During his active years, MiT coached teams like Flamengo Esports and PaiN Gaming. Riot Games has confirmed Globo Esports the former player will not be part of the talent cast for the 2021 season.


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