JAG Kuzan: "Our team mood will turn for better."


On March 9th (KST), Jin Air Green Wings defeated Longzhu Gaming with a 2-0 record in the second match of Day 27 LCK Spring Split 2017. Sunghyuk "Kuzan" Lee picked Vladimir in Game 2 and took a lot of damage as well as dealing heavy damage for the team's long-awaited second match win.

Here is our interview with Sunghyuk "Kuzan" Lee.

Congratulations on your win today! How are you feeling right now?

We felt down in the early season because we've lost seven matches in a row. However, we still did our best to prepare for the match against Longzhu Gaming with the goal of avoiding relegation. As for the match itself, constantly forcing Longzhu into a teamfight worked out well for us.

Losing seven matches in a row must have been very tough.

I think we were down on morale because we expected to be in the middle of the pack but went down instead with a long losing streak.

Well, you certainly weren't looking down today!

We pulled ourselves together while saying that we have nowhere else to go if we don't win today's match.

I've heard that you've practiced playing Taliyah and Vladimir a lot. How were they?

I thought they were pretty strong in lane, but today, they turned out to be weaker than I thought in lane. So, I had to play with the late game on mind. Taliyah is a good playmaker - I have to practice more with her.

Is Vladimir a good pick even when the current metagame favors champions that scale fast?

Vladimir is really good in teamfights as long as he survives the laning phase, so I've been picking him a lot.

What are your goals for this split?

I want to win at least four matches and avoid getting into the relegation tournament. I'll have to do more than my share of work for the team.

Your next match will be against KT Rolster. Do you think you can beat them?

Watching how KT Rolster played against bbq Olivers, I think it might be possible for us to win. I think we have a chance as long as we play well in teamfights. KT might be good at macro, but we are pretty confident of our teamfights.

How do you feel about laning against Wonsuk "PawN" Heo?

I've faced him on the other side a few times during practice, and he was very good. I would need a lot of help from my teammates.

Do you think the team mood will improve after today's win?

I think our team mood will turn for better. I was happy to see my teammates being thrilled after today's win.

Thank you for your time. Any parting comments?

We might have been on a long losing streak, but we will climb back up again. Please cheer for us!

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