Looking for copyright free songs for your Twitch streams? Check out the Inven Culture playlist!

Twitch has doubled-down on DMCA strikes due to the usage of copyrighted music. With several creators and channels receiving warnings, to having VODs deleted, and in some cases, being banned from the platform, the streaming community has been shaken by the strict norms. 


According to Twitch’s community guidelines, “Uploading any content that you do not own, do not have the rights to, or are otherwise not authorized to use, violates our Terms of Service and may make your account liable to DMCA takedowns by third-party rights holders. [...] We encourage creators to assess their content for adherence to applicable copyright laws, including fair use, and to secure all appropriate rights if needed, before sharing the content on Twitch. Also, keep in mind Twitch applies a repeat infringer policy; multiple copyright strikes on your account will lead to a permanent suspension of your account.


The Inven Culture editorial team has put together a playlist featuring copyright-free tunes that are Twitch stream friendly. Our first playlist focuses on electronic tunes that will get you the perfect uplifting vibe for your stream.

Disclaimer: Copyright is ever-changing. Inven Global is not responsible for any Twitch penalties that might ensue during the use of this playlist.

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    level 1 Mohitvermaji51


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    level 1 SelinaPhil

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