DragonauTV gets "Weak Aura Scammed" of 30k WoW Classic gold

A classic tale

As soon as online video games introduced player-owned resources and the ability to trade said resources, all manner of online account theft and scams have existed across gaming. Among the most common take place in MMORPG games, a one World of Warcraft Streamer, DragonauTV was a victim of a nearly 30k Gold heist in World of Warcraft: Classic.

The moment of the scam and realization after is in the Twitch Clip above. The scam involves a supposedly friendly sharing of a popular addon "Weak Auras" -- in this case the scammer had lied and said it was of particular strategic value to the victim.


Virtual theft in broad daylight. 

But, the note also had instructions to "open the mailbox" because a friendly gift was there. There was no such gift and instead, the addon immediately traded all of the player's gold to another player.

Courtesy of the Wow Classic Reddit community, read this clear explanation of how it works.

The dev team behind the addon has reportedly already fixed the hole in their addon that allowed for this exploit. That fix can be found here.

If you want to support Dragonautv, the player who was scammed, follow their Twitch channel:


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