Cosplay Shopping Guide: K/DA ALL OUT

League of Legends has released nearly 120 new skins for the year 2020. From the debut of the gorgeous Spirit Blossom skin line to the return of the legendary K-pop princesses of K/DA, the community got to enjoy some of its most intricate designs to date, not to mention brand new champions to boot.


With the release of K/DA’s first EP, ALL OUT, the League of Legends community has showcased their fandom inside and outside the game. If buying a skin isn’t enough for you, why not get dressed in real life too? This article will get you some insight on which costume suits you best.



Doki Doki Cosplay

Doki Doki Cosplay K/DA costumes

Doki Doki Cosplay is currently one of the most acclaimed cosplay costume vendors, with three different cosplay lines that you can choose from SSR (Luxury), SR (Detailed), and R (Standard). Each version varies in detail levels and materials, which directly affects the price range. It is worth noting that even though sometimes the SSR items cost more and have higher quality items, the SR and R items will look just as wonderful.



Their K/DA costumes stand out for showcasing the look they would have in front of a camera, which is very useful to a lot of cosplayers out there. Doki Doki is currently the only manufacturer offering lace-front versions of the K/DA wigs, which make your costume level up an extra notch.




MicCostumes K/DA costumes

If you are looking for well-structured costumes that are easy to get in and out of, MicCostumes might be the vendor that suits you best. Every costume I have ordered from them is well thought out, with designs that are easy and comfortable to wear. Their swift shipping does come in handy; they have saved me from going to conventions without debuting a new look more than a couple of times in a row!


The design that stands out the most is K/DA ALL OUT Ahri, which has quite an intricate design, and goes for only $59.99 while looking great in the pictures.




CosplaySky's KDA costumes


CosplaySky has just rolled out their K/DA ALL OUT cosplay costumes, and today I got to have the first look at their Akali costume. The materials are of great quality, accurate to the character, and very straightforward to wear. Previously, I had gotten their K/DA THE BADDEST version of Akali, which stands out for the quality of the jacket and the wig, which has great volume compared to most in the market.


K/DA All Out Akali jacket details


K/DA THE BADDEST costume + wig; Photo by Alexandre Weber


TRUE DAMAGE Akali costume + wig; Photo by Svenja Nau


Import Services


Import services like Bhiner Cosplay Agent offer a variety of costumes and designs from several brands like RabbitCos and MonenJoy at very inviting prices, as they are directly sold from China. Although the service does take a long time for shipping, some of these costumes are real show-stoppers and are worth the wait. Their Seraphine classic skin design by MonenJoy is absolutely stunning.


Seraphine costume and wig by MonenJoy 


Seraphine costume from MonenJoy


Whichever route you go, we hope you have a lot of fun cosplaying the K/DA idols!

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