Fanart Friday - Unwrapping the best gamer holiday gifts


The holiday season is a time of compassion, empathy, goodwill to all, and most importantly—gifts. That’s why this week we’ve rounded up some fan art created around all the presents we hope you bought for us, your favorite Inven Culture writers. From game consoles to gift cards, there’s plenty here for us all to unwrap together. 



AMONG US: Among Us just arrived on the Switch, so this fan art from “Among Us” is going to kick off our list. We love Nights2Dreams’s take on the character; an innocent glow surrounds them as they float through space. Not doing your tasks may end you up on the naughty list, but would you ever suspect this character? Could they be an imposter, or worse; a GIFT THIEF?! 



MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES: Illustrated in colored pencil, this Miles Morales fan art is spectacularly realistic. Jayuice did an amazing job rendering texture and light across Miles’ costume, and we can totally picture the character swinging through the city, ready to fight crime. One of the most impressive details is the attention to the patterning across the black portions of the suit. So many tiny hexagons! 



PLAYSTATION 5: A Playstation 5 is on everyone’s list, and cosplayer ZoeVolf did an amazing job bringing the console to life in this creative cosplay. The Playstation black and white colorway are boldly presented in the design, and the high collar references the console’s unique design. Plenty of strong lines throughout the cosplay also allude to the high-contrast choices of the newest Playstation model. 



ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS: Animal Crossing may not be the newest game on the list, but we’d be darned if it isn’t a game that gives all year long. This whimsical fan art from Ikue reminds us of the joy we’ve experienced in New Horizons, whether it be from fishing, building, paying off Tom Nook, or one of the numerous other events. We love Ikue’s color palette and the clean linework throughout the piece!



HYRULE WARRIORS - AGE OF CALAMITY: DeviantArt artist Bev-Nap is an amazing artist, whose Legend of Zelda themed art is unparalleled. We see a much more intense version of Link in this fan art, looking a bit grizzled living in the Age of Calamity. More lightly rendered illustrations of Daruk, Urbosa, and Mipha sit in the background, giving an added sense of depth.



RIOT POINTS GIFT CARD: There are always new champions and skins being added to League of Legends, and they cost money, honey. This fan art from joacoful honors one of the best new skins added to the game, Nami’s Cosmic skin. Swirling constellations mix with Nami’s hair and some tiny magical fish. We really love how well the artist balanced the golds of the armor with the blues and purples of Nami in this piece. 



XBOX SERIES X: It wouldn’t be fair to give love to the PS5 and not the Xbox Series X. This fan art is another humanized version of a console, brought to you by the incredible dishwasher1910. The boxy gaming rig is referenced through several details across the anime-inspired character, from the Xbox logo on her chest plate to the “X” formed by their hair-clips. Swirling hair appears in silver color, again referencing the Xbox logo’s circular design. Black piping also repeats a nod to the single line down the console’s panel.


ASSASSIN’S CREED: VALHALLA: Let’s wrap up this list with something with a bit of action, shall we? This illustration from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by water-in-black is a perfect fit! We were immediately drawn to this piece due to the detail of the water, clouds, and fur; there is such an organic feel to these textures. Additionally, the atmosphere and fog laid over the Viking ships in the background are an amazing choice. It helps bring the action forward, to the Viking running out across the tide. 



What gaming gifts would you like? Let us know on social media @InvenGlobal, and make sure to tag #InvenCulture! Happy holidays!

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