Artist creates their own League of Legends Star Guardian fanart skins


The League of Legends community is arguably one of the most artistic in the gaming scene. Varying from gorgeous cosplay to stunning digital paintings, fans express their love through the game through artistic communication. The artistic work of Jason Xiaojie catches the eye, mixing pre-existing concepts with select champions.


The Star Guardian skin appeals to anime fans, with the magical girl fashion. In a Sailor Moon meets League of Legends style, the line has quickly become one of the most memorable in the game. With “Light and Shadow” released earlier this year, Xayah, Rakan, Neeko, and Zoe had their own versions of the uniform added to their skin roster, but the fans are left wanting more.

Xiaojie envisioned a new set of champions to become Star Guardians, including Kai’Sa, Kayle, Nami, which has been waiting for her magical girl turn for a while after several community requests, and one of the newest champions, Seraphine, and the result is stunning:

Star Guardian Kai'Sa
Star Guardian Kayle
Star Guardian Nami


Star Guardian Seraphine

If you are a fan of the new K/DA, the ALL OUT Jinx will definitely make you swoon: the misfit gets a complete pop star makeover in his latest concept:


And honorable mention to Coven Evelynn:

To find out more about Xiaojie’s work, head over to their Twitter account.

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