We ordered the MrBeast burger and it was...fine.


Massively popular YouTuber (48.4 million subs) MrBeast just launched MrBeast Burger. Though contrary to a very misleading tweet seen below, these are not physical restaurants. In fact, the delivery-from location for my order was a Buca di Beppo. Yes, the Italian family-style restaurant chain.



Labeling themselves as a “virtual-restaurant brand”, this new burger chain accepts orders via it’s own official app or services like Door Dash only. The MrBeast Burger menu is prepared out of already established restaurant kitchens. Hence why my order showed up as coming from Buca di Beppo. The official MrBeast Burger site is even taking applications for existing restaurants to become Beast Style Burger flippers. Which considering the challenges many restaurants have faced during the pandemic, this could bring them a potential lift in business.



I placed my order using Door Dash beginning at 10:30 am, which if I know anything about youtube fans, you gotta get in early on these things. The no-fuss menu includes items like the MrBeast Burger, Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich, and Seasoned Crinkle Fries with a few variations. Substitutions were not allowed. Allergic to cheese? No burger for you.




My order arrived in a MrBeast Burger handle bag which included the Beast Style Burger with two patties (there was a three-patty option), Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich, and a side of Seasoned Fries. I’ve been seeing some tweets about raw/undercooked meat in the sandwiches but thankfully that seems to be an edge case. With 300 locations to order from, there are bound to be some hiccups.


Overall, the food was fine. I’d say the taste was above a McD’s but well below a standard restaurant burger. The meat was a bit dry on both sandwiches. Fries I could make from the freezer section at my local supermarket. Would I order from again? If I was out late and it was the only thing open, sure. But there are far better local burger and fry options that I’d rather give my full $25.11 to.


Not going to lie though, instead of my order I was hoping there was going to be a stack of dollar bills in its place. In a video uploaded to MrBeast’s YouTube channel yesterday, back in November MrBeast Burger hosted an official pop-up drive-through location offering Wilson, North Carolina residents free burgers with some lucky fans receiving ipads, airpods, cash, and even a new car. 



Though it’s unlikely this chain has long term appeal, I do give it up to MrBeast for creating a unique and interesting way for his fans to connect with the brand. There’s also been some comments stating a portion of burger sales will go to charity, but we’ve haven’t received a response yet to confirm. Considering the massive amount of donations MrBeast has made previously, we wouldn’t be surprised though.


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