[Official] SSONG joins DRX as Interim Head Coach, replacing cvMax due to his 5-month suspension

Image via DRX

On Dec. 18th, DRX announced that Kim “SSONG” Sang-soo will be the interim head coach for the team. This announcement comes after Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho received a five-month qualification suspension.


SSONG debuted under Najin Black Sword as a mid laner in 2013, with his coaching career taking off on the same team at a later point in time. He’s won an LCK championship and a top 2 finish at Worlds in 2016, and was active as a coach for Longzhu Gaming, the preceding team for DRX. He won the coach of the split award during the 2017 LCS Summer split, and afterwards, he was also a part of TSM’s coaching staff as well.


He returns to the LCK after a disappointing season with CLG. Filling in for the empty head coach position at DRX, he now looks to prove himself once again for the 2021 season in the LCK. As someone who’s praised for his innovation, he looks to bring the experience he built from his eight-year long career to the DRX’s roster, which mostly consists of rookie talent in their 1st/2nd year of their careers.


With SSONG officially joining the team on the 18th, he comments, “I’m incredibly excited to return to the domestic stage with DRX. While I’m aware of the many concerns that fans have, I believe that this’ll turn out to be a great opportunity for the team. I’d like to thank DRX for the opportunity, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead of us in these hard times. I’ll make sure to create a team that’s not only entertaining to watch, but also a team that will perform beyond expectations.”

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