[UPDATED 12/21] Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, Super Baby 2 to complete DBFZ Season 3 FighterZ Pass

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UPDATED 12/21: Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, another character from the Dragon Ball GT Universe, will be joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster as the final fighter of the Season 3 FighterZ pass, rounding out the roster following Super Baby 2, the latter of whom will be released in January 2021. Gogeta is a canonical fusion between Goku and Vegeta, but the non-canonical Super Saiyan 4 form only exists in DBGT. 




Original story:


The fourth DLC character coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ via the FighterZ Season 3 Pass has been revealed. Dragon Ball GT villain Baby will be joining the DBFZ roster in his Super Baby 2 form as revealed in a leak. Super Baby 2 will be the second character from DBGT to join the roster, and the sixth non-canon character overall. The leak also featured a brief description of Super Baby 2's moveset and abilities.



Super Baby 2 is the second DBGT character to join the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. The first, a version of Goku after he is inadvertently reverted to the physical form of a child due to a wish on the Black Star Dragon Balls by Emperor Pilaf at the beginning of the non-canon series, was made available via the FighterZ Season 2 Pass. While Dragon Ball GT is not part of the official Dragon Ball canon, many non-canon characters have been added to the game's roster. 


Baby is the first major villain to be introduced in Dragon Ball GT. The last survivor of the Tuffles, a species wiped out by the Saiyans in the distant past, Baby possesses the ability to parasitically possess victims. Baby amplifies the power of his hosts and is, in turn, strengthened as his viral reach spreads across the Earth and gains complete autonomy of the planet's inhabitants. Baby eventually chooses Vegeta as his preferred host, and over time, slowly begins to take over Vegeta entirely.


As Baby gets more powerful, his appearance starts to change and he looks less and less like Vegeta and more like Baby in his base form.  Baby's second physical transformation following his possession of Vegeta was dubbed by fans as Super Baby 2, though due to the extremely brief appearance of the Super Baby 1, it is possible that the character will simply be called Super Baby when he becomes available as downloadable content. 


The FighterZ Season 3 Pass will feature one more character following the releases of Ultra Instinct Goku, Kefla, Master Roshi, and now Super Baby 2, the latter of whom should be joining the roster on schedule come January 2021. 


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