EDG Clearlove returns to the Rift: "I'm back."

▲ Source: Clearlove Weibo


EDG head coach Ming “Clearlove” Kai is returning as a player. On the 14th, EDG announced through Weibo that Clearlove will be returning to the team as a player. Through his Weibo, Clearlove said, “我,回来了 (I’m back)” and announced his return. He will be returning to the Rift two years after his retirement. EDG also posted a video with the words, "Coach.Clearlove脱下西装(takes off the suit) EDG.Clearlove重返峡谷(returns to the Rift)".


Clearlove started his LoL esports career in 2012 in Team Phoenix. He stood up as the starting jungler in Team WE and later joined EDG. From 2014 to 2019, Clearlove performed as the jungler for five years. During his career, he has won many championships throughout his career including an MSI championship. In 2015, he was voted as the most popular player in the LPL.


It is very rare in the LoL esports scene that a head coach is returning as a player. Many fans are looking forward to how Clearlove would do as a player.

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