[UPDATED 12/14] cvMax: "I can never accept this penalty... The process was completely unfair. I want a re-investigation."

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On the 14th, the [Korean] esports fair commission announced that they’ve suspended DRX head coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho’s qualification for five months. On the announcement, cvMax’s attorney, Lim Sang-hyeok cleared through a phone call with Inven that he can’t understand the given penalty.


“We requested the commission to decide the penalty after the trials were over, but we didn’t get any answers,” said Lim. “We heard that there were a few meetings prior to when they summoned cvMax; last week was the first time they summoned him. The trial is still in progress and I don’t understand why the commission was in such a hurry to penalize cvMax.”


Lim continued by saying, “Such harsh penalties should be decided after listening in to the people involved and through logical processes. It’s as if they’ve already decided the penalty and just went through token procedures to announce it in a few days,” and pointed out the problems of the procedures of the commission.


According to the commission’s measures, cvMax’s qualifications in the LoL esports scene will be suspended from December 15, 2020 to May 14, 2021. He will not be able to be registered on any roster nor will be able to do any duties as the head coach.



[UPDATED 12/14 20:10 KST]


On this matter, cvMax turned on his stream and spoke up. "I can never accept this penalty. It is completely unfair. Back then during the feedback, there were no people that accepted the feedback process as violence," and revealed a recording of a phone call with Sword far later than the incident, asserting that they were still close at that time.


After speaking about the issue for a while, cvMax said, "The process was completely unfair. I want a re-investigation," and concluded his stream.

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