[Guide] Monthly Yupir's Labyrinth strategy for all 5 final stages — December

The five final stage bosses for October’s Yupir’s Labyrinth: Luke, Awakened Zeon, Magi, Rachel, and Schmid


One of the best ways to accumulate free Xes in-game is through Yupir’s Labyrinth. This daily activity consists of 5 dungeons each with 5 stages of increasing difficulty. Only one stage may be cleared per day and entry is granted after every daily reset. Every month there is a new rotation of dungeons to claim your daily free Xes. The breakdown of Xes per stage:


  • Stage 1 — 30 Xes
  • Stage 2 — 50 Xes
  • Stage 3 — 100 Xes
  • Stage 4 — 200 Xes 
  • Stage 5 — 250 Xes


As there are a total of 5 dungeons with the same Xes reward for each of their 5 stages, the total amount of free Xes a player can obtain monthly 3150 is Xes! That is a substantial amount for free to play players and low spenders. As the first 4 stages are fairly simple for all players, let's review the mechanics for every stage 5 battle to help you pick the units to clear each one.


Clear final stages with ease by understanding boss mechanics 


A feature of Yupir’s Labyrinth that players can benefit from is the fact that any stage in any dungeon can be completed at any time in the month. So if you wanted to start the month completing every stage 5 for the first week, that’s entirely up to you. My recommendation would be to wait until a weekly banner for a unit you need and tackle the final stages that week to obtain more Xes for more recruitment opportunities. 


The difficulty in completing every stage in each dungeon stems from the hidden mechanic that is added to each boss fight. When entering a boss fight for any given stage, you need to expect some trial and error in your first attempt in order to try and solve the unique challenge you will have to overcome to win. Luckily, this guide will provide you the details for the current final stages.  


Stages in the Labyrinth can be completed at any time and any order, there are no restrictions


Common characteristics for all boss battles in the Lab, they all have mark/status/debuff/reflect damage immunity. So do not expect easy battles by taking advantage of the unique marks from the Generals (Bathory, Rachel, Shufraken, Jinai, Garff, and Dorka). In addition, this guide will not give you step-by-step details in how to complete each stage. Every player has different units built and will utilize teams that best suit their play style. That said, minimal requirements for an easy clear that I would suggest before tackling every final stage in the Lab:


  1. All units should be at level 75+, preferably level 90, so they can be equipped with a full set of armor. 
  2. All units used for a stage should be geared in full fated gear at level 60, especially if you have some units that have not been blessed to a max 6-star grade. If you have awakened heroes, try utilizing as much fated ranked gear as possible as having a single guard stone is a detriment in any content. 
  3. Damage dealers should always be burst units at 6-star grade to maximize the burst damage potential. If not using burst damage, units enhanced with Signature Force level 1 are very good alternatives and highly recommended. 
  4. Supports and tanks can be 5-star, but not recommended as your mana will be limited.
  5. All units used should be +5 enhanced to maximize stats.


Sky Gate 5 — Luke


Luke is the first boss you fight, he has increased block which makes it a battle of attrition as he can take many hits before he goes down. 


The easiest of the five dungeons is the Sky Gate due to it having the easiest challenge and the boss having the lowest CP level. In this stage, the final battle is against the legendary tank Lukle. You can see from the screenshot that his base stats are significantly increased at level 90. In addition, the hidden mechanic in this battle is that he starts the battle with a permanent increased block buff. Given his decently high HP, he will definitely take some time to defeat as he will block nearly every hit. I highly recommend utilizing a high damage team with a backline emphasized formation. Your strongest burst damage dealers should be used with a single tank or support type that can keep your backline alive long enough to build mana and burst down Luke. Here are some recommended units:


  • Frontline Support/Defense:
    1. FC/Normal Garff, FC/Normal Anastasia, FC Iris, FC Shell, FC Tantalo, FC Luke, FC Degas, FC Lepin, Kaya, Cybele, Karin 
  • Backline Attack/Chaos:
    1. FC Deva, FC/Normal Adams, FC/Normal Brook, Nermash, Rudley, FC/Normal Annie, FC/Normal Bathory, Deradan 


Sky Path 5 — Awakened Zeon


Awakened Zeon is a tough battle, he counters every hit and will land a huge AOE if you can’t kill him in 2-3 turns. 


Sky Path the next dungeon you should be attempting with the new Awakened Zeon as the final boss. This is a much more difficult battle than the Luke fight as Zeon counters after every hit he takes. In addition, he is fairly fast and will cut in between your damage dealers and supports if you plan to use fast burst units like Deva. His first attack will always be his active 2 AOE and with his high attack, he will wipe most, if not all of your backline units. Bringing a reviver such as Lepin will be a big help here if you can’t dish out enough damage to take him out immediately after he AOE nukes your team. I recommend the following units in a backline balanced formation:


  • Frontline Support/Defense:
    1. FC Iris, FC/normal Lepin, Karin, Cybele, FC/Normal Garff, FC Tantalo, FC Luke, FC/Normal Degas


  • Backline Attack/Chaos:
    1. FC Deva, FC/Normal Bathory, FC/Normal Morris, FC/Normal Brook, FC/Normal Adams, Rudley, Nermash, Deradan


Starry Corridor 5 — Magi


Magi heals to full health if you don’t kill her in the first round, Ramge is a must here. 


Starry Corridor's final boss is the fated hero Magi. This isn’t her first time as a final boss in one of the Yupir’s Lab dungeons. However, this time around her unique ability is that she heals after a round ends to full health. That said, this is a very easy stage to beat if you are able to heal block. She does have high HP here, however, building mana the first two battles and nuking her with 3-4 burst units at near max mana should either kill her in the first round or drop her health enough to snipe her in the second round. If you are not confident in your ability to down her in the first round, I recommend bringing a healer/tank in the frontline to share health and heal if you need it after Magi’s AOE attack.  


  • Frontline Support/Defense:
    1. FC/Normal Garff, FC Iris, FC/Normal Lepin, FC/Normal Anastasia, FC Tantalo, FC Luke, Karin, Cybele, Kaya


  • Backline Attack/Chaos:
    1. FC Deva, FC/Normal Adams, FC/Normal Brook, FC/Normal Bathory, FC Annie, Nermash, FC/Normal Morris


Abyssal Gate 5 — Rachel


Rachel starts the battle with increased critical hit and will reset his turn every time he crits, survivability is key here. 


The fourth dungeon Abyssal Gate features Rachel as the final boss. This is the first time Rachel is seen as final boss in Yupirs Lab, and he is definitely a tough opponent in this rotation. He has a mechanic similar to Rudley in a previous rotation as he counters after every hit. In addition, he starts the fight with a permanent critical hit buff and everytime he lands a critical hit he resets his turn. This can put your team at a huge disadvantage as he has the potential to turn cycle like crazy while also dealing high damage. This battle depends on a lot of luck as you ideally need to bring fast burst damage dealers that can all land a critical hit every turn to potentially snipe him in the first round. Otherwise you will need to hope he doesn’t land a critical hit on a counter to prevent him from turn cycling and taking out your units one by one. Using a full 4-man backline can work here, while using a healer/tank frontline is also a safe choice if your damage is lacking.


  • Frontline Support/Defense:
    1. FC/Normal Garff, FC Iris, FC/Normal Lepin, FC/Normal Anastasia, FC Tantalo, FC Luke, Karin, Cybele, Kaya


  • Backline Attack/Chaos:
    1. FC Deva, FC/Normal Adams, FC/Normal Brook, FC/Normal Bathory, FC Annie, Nermash, FC/Normal Morris


Abyssal Path 5 — Schmid


The fated general Schmid is the final boss and is only vulnerable to machine damage for the first 50% of his health and dark damage for the last 50%. 


The final dungeon, Abyssal Path 5, can be difficult if you are lacking machine and dark damage dealers. The new fated hero Schmid is the final boss here and the special mechanic here is his damage vulnerability. He can only be damaged by machine elemental damage for the first 50% of his health, and dark elemental damage for the last 50% of his health. In addition, he restores health every turn and at low health he enrages so you need to deal high burst damage to kill him quickly. That said, you can only bring specific damage dealers here to nuke him so if you are lacking specific heroes it will be tough to complete this stage. If you do have burst damage dealers such as Deva, Morris, Adams, or Nermash built you should be able to beat this stage with some ease. Here are the recommended units for this stage:


  • Frontline Support/Defense:
    1. FC/Normal Uloom, FC Shell, Fergie, FC/Normal Shufraken, FC/Normal Garff, FC Iris, FC/Normal Lepin, Kaya, Karin, Cybele,


  • Backline Attack/Chaos:
    1. FC/Normal Baraka, Jinn, FC Deva, FC/Normal Morris, FC/Normal Adams, Nermash    

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