Hearthstone development team issues statement regarding Rewards Track, community feedback

▲ The overhauled rewards system is being overhauled. Image via Blizzard Entertainment


After weeks and weeks of frustration within the Hearthstone community, Blizzard Entertainment on Monday afternoon revealed how they plan on tweaking the updated rewards track that players can use to unlock in-game cosmetics and content. 


In a post on their official site, Ben Lee, Hearthstone's Game Director, issued a statement regarding how the development team behind the scenes has heard the countless amount of feedback from the game's community over the last month, understands their frustration, and have been working to tweak the updated progression system to reward players who dedicate their time to the game and improve everyone's overall experience.


According to the post:


"Our intent has been, and continues to be, to provide more rewards and a better progression experience than the previous system, and we’re sorry that our initial implementation missed that mark in a few important areas."


In an upcoming patch slated to go live next week, according to Alec Dawson, a Senior Game Designer on the team, changes will begin to roll out. Some of them include: reducing the difficulty of some of the daily/weekly quests, lowering the amount of experience required to complete the Tavern Pass by nearly 20%, and redesigning some of the benefits that are earned in the Rewards Track. Further, players will be rewarded with 500 Gold and five Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs as an added bonus.





Within the post, the development team wanted to let the community know that these changes are not the last that players should be expecting:


"We want to make it clear that we aren’t treating the new rewards and progression systems as static, unchanging game elements, but rather a system that we can continually iterate on and improve over time. More enhancements will be coming to the rewards track in the future."

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