Biofrost announces break from pro play, will stream this spring


Friday, December 4, TSM and Vincent "Biofrost" Wang announced he would be taking a break from professional League of Legends to stream. Biofrost entered the LCS on TSM in 2016, playing with the org for two and a half years throughout his career, winning four titles with the team and attending Worlds three times, including his last split with the team this summer. Biofrost has played for two LCS teams across his four and a half years, TSM and CLG. 


Biofrost's break marks the third TSM player from the 2020 season who left professional League of Legends in the off-season with both Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg and Yiliang "Peter" "Doublelift" Peng announcing their retirement last month. TSM has kept only one player from their 2020 summer roster, jungler Mingyi "Spica" Lu. Biofrost's announcement is different than Doublelift and Bjergsen's however, as he claims he is taking a break to stream and relax from the stress and long hours of pro play, indicating he may make a return in the future. He made the decision after exploring several opportunities. Doublelift himself took a similar break in 2016/2017. 



During the season, Biofrost was traded out for TSM Academy support, Erik "Treatz" Wessén, who played the first chunk of playoffs before Biofrost returned as the main starter.  TSM had various struggles throughout the season and into the start of playoffs, but made a losers' bracket run to take another title, advancing to Worlds as the NA first seed. Biofrost was a part of the team's rebound and was the sole support for the team at Worlds. They exited Worlds without a win, however, becoming the first major region's first seed to go 0-6 in the group stage. 




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