The tiniest keyboard I own: Hyper X Ducky One 2 Mini review

There was a time where I didn’t have a need or want for multiple keyboards. Then, like so many others in my line of work, my home became my 24/7 work office. I learned the hard way that sitting in the same place for hours on end can be exhausting. One thing that helped me was multiple work areas that allowed me to roam around my apartment and interact with my family instead of hiding in my office all day.

This is where my experience with the Hyper X Ducky One 2 Mini (USD 109) began. In combination with a wireless mouse, this small keyboard was the foundation of a mobile work-set up that allowed me to do light email, writing, and team communication work around the kitchen and living room areas of my home.

The Hyper X Ducky One 2 Mini is a beautiful keyboard. It has all of the color radiance and variants that you would expect from Hyper X and the tactile key quality Ducky is known for. The mini is portable but still feels solid and hefty. I initially thought a smaller keyboard would feel unnatural, but I was quick to adjust and in many cases prefer the Mini’s small size for writing and light work.

We have a lot of different devices in our home, but my preference for mechanical keyboards is constant. What I enjoy most about smaller keyboards is that I can essentially turn any surface of my home into a pseudo-standing desk. Once more, I can not stress how much this has helped me weather the fatigue of daily work from home. Being able to switch up my work environment (and even bring my keyboard with me so I can still write robustly outside of the house) is something I recommend to anyone else in my situation

Overall, the Hyper X Ducky One 2 Mini is a successful collaboration between two experts in keyboard precision and hardware quality. Aesthetic seekers will love the special Ducky X Hyper keys (including a beautiful year of the mouse escape key) while even the most critical of hardware aficionados will be able to get behind the quality being offered for such a reasonable price.

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