ROX Mightybear: "I'd like to thank the coaching staff for giving me a chance"

On March 8th (KST), ROX Tigers defeated Kongdoo Monster 2-1 in the second matchup of Day 26 LCK Spring Split 2017. Min-soo “Mightybear” Kim started off on the right foot, claiming a victory for his debut LCK match.

Below is the post-match press interview with Mightybear.



What does it feel like to win a debut LCK match?

I’ve started my career in the Secondary Pro League in China, moved on to the European league, and found my way back to LCK. I often blamed myself for not performing up to par in foreign leagues, but it feels good to win my debut match in LCK, which is arguably the best league in the world.

Why did you start your career in China?

I was in college before I went pro. I got to play in a national eSports tournament in Korea at the time and received an offer from a Chinese team. Since I didn’t get any offers from Korean teams, I decided to go to China.

What does it feel like to play in LCK? Was it satisfying?

Personally, I’m satisfied to have won. There are still things I need to work on, though. Since we’re on a win streak, I hope to keep up this momentum to show you more good plays.

What are the differences between foreign and Korean coaching styles?

I wasn’t under much pressure when I played overseas. Work was entirely up to players. I came back to Korea because being in that environment wouldn’t be good for my growth as a player. Coaching staff here provides a lot of guidance. Korea seems to take games more seriously and has better work ethics. I have a lot to learn.

How would you rate your performance today?

I’d give 70 out of 100. We’ve won, but things could have gone much better. Smite execution is among the things that didn’t go as planned. It wouldn’t have happened if our shotcalling was perfect, which it wasn’t. Those are the things we need to improve moving forward.

How do you feel about your next matchup, Score?

I’ll mostly play for the experience, but it would be wonderful to win the match. We’ll also prepare many strategies to give them a run for their money.

Any final words?

We’re on a 4-win streak, going up against kt Rolster next. I’ll take this momentum to our advantage and keep up the good work.

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