Eternal Bond: New recruitment system for Fated Generals

Recruit Schmid or Jinai now by simply logging in daily!


To those finally looking to land a Jinai or the newest fated General Schmid, with нов is your best chance. This is a new system allowing all players to recruit the offered heroes of their choosing as long as they log in daily for 30 consecutive days. Although this current event has started and will end December 25, there are still daily items that players receive by simply playing the game daily.


In addition, following this current rotation of Jinai and Schmid, there will be a new pair of heroes to choose from so don’t worry if you missed this rotation. Since many of you have started and selected your bond, I’ll review the pros and cons of both heroes after a brief summary of this new daily reward system.


Consecutive logins to maintain bond


To those new to mobile gacha games and Exos Heroes, you may not realize that free daily rewards are not a novelty. Many other gacha games have a similar system in providing players with free daily rewards for playing consistently. Now Exos Heroes has finally adopted a system that competes with other gacha games for daily rewards. However, they have gone a step further in providing players with content that will greatly help with their progression while also benefiting end game level players as well. The only requirement is that you cannot break your daily login streak. 



Reviewing the in-game help, the details are clearly stated. Key elements of the requirements:


  1. Login for 30 consecutive days to recruit your selected hero
  2. The selected hero can be changed at any time after one day. But this will reset your daily login streak
  3. Breaking your login streak will break your bond with your selected hero preventing recruitment. You can pay currency (Xes) to recover your bond
  4. Due to the above and the limited time period of 31 days, if you miss more than 1 day you will not be able to recruit your hero but you can still collect the daily rewards. Although you can change your selection, there is only a one-day grace period to finalize your selection.


Daily rewards for all players



As I mentioned earlier, this new daily reward system will benefit all players even if you are unable to reach the 30-day consecutive login requirement. The rewards are useful as they provide resources beneficial for account progression such as gold, levistones, heroic tokens, relics of dragon dynasty, and more. So if you are free to play, do not miss your chance for free items even if you are a week late into the event. If you were able to make your selection on time and are on your way to Jinai or Schmid, there are pro’s and con’s to both which I will summarize below while also providing tips to consider prior to selecting heroes in future Eternal Bonds.


Schmid or Jinai?



Having any of the Generals at your disposal will be a huge benefit for your account. However, selecting one that will immediately benefit you the most should be the deciding factor in your selection. This largely depends on your current account progression and the resources you have available to build the hero you choose.


As Generals are the key resource to Signature Force upgrades, it will benefit you to build a team around the specific nation. If one of the two Generals offered will land you a first level Signature Force upgrade and you can build a team of heroes from the corresponding nation, I recommend selecting the General that provides you this option.


In this situation, Jinai would be the choice if you already own a Jinai as you can easily obtain another Jinai through Scouting, Nation Ticket Recruiting, Exos Pass or potentially future Core Raid rewards. If you are early game or free to play and have no Generals in your collection, look at who has the better kit for your progression; for this current rotation, I would recommend Schmid over Jinai for early game free to play players. Here are pros and cons of both: 


А: Schmid — Solid choice for beginners and Free to Play players who can use his skill set immediately




    1. His Active 2 skill is a strong single target nuke with Burst capability allowing him to deal significant damage and one-shot almost any unit if built properly.
    2. Provides passive skill Flow of Mana to generate mana to backline units.
    3. Guardian passive skill gives him sustainability as a backline damage dealer. 
    4. Master’s Footsteps mark is easier to apply as it impacts your own team and is not dependent on the enemy stats.
    5. No Signature Force available yet for his nation.
    6. Units available under Vagabond nation are limited.
    7. No fatecore available yet.


B: Jinai — Better choices for end game players with a transcended Jinai and an Estoris Republic team that is ready for a Signature Force upgrade





    1. Has currently one of the strongest fatecores in the game. Likely to be added to the String of Creation in the near future.
    2. As the Estoris Republic general, has many solid units to build a national team around including Shell, Jinn, Luke, Deva, and Adams. All of which have strong fatecores.
    3. Provides passive skill Flow of Mana to generate mana to backline units.
    4. Her skillset without fatecore equipped is lacking and can be easily countered by First Guardian fatecores.
    5. Low base attack makes Charm mark hard to apply without her being awakened with fatecore and high level gear equipped to ensure her attack is higher than all enemies.


I hope these tips have given you some insight into your selection or potential future selections. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either choice as they are free fated generals given to you for very little effort. As I mentioned before, if you have already made your selection, DO NOT switch now as there is a limited window until December 25 and the counter will reset when you change your selection. Until then, continue to log in daily to receive your future Jinai or Schmid before the year’s end! 

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