AFs Spirit: "I'm personally confident in my current form"

On March 8th (KST), Afreeca Freecs defeated Samsung Galaxy 2-1 in the first matchup of Day 26 LCK Spring Split 2017. Specifically, Dayun “Spirit” Lee was substituted from Game 2 to play a pivotal role in coming back to the series.

Below is the post-match press interview with Spirit.



Congratulations on coming back to the series with 2-1 record. How do you feel?

First off, today’s victory isn’t entirely on me. It was only possible because my teammates did their parts. Our midlaner and ADC played particularly well. I just followed their lead.

Both Game 2 and 3 were hard-fought. How did you keep a calm mindset when things were looking down?

I take a more relaxed approach to my games these days because I know I can play better than other players even though I may start playing behind at first. I was confident in my personal form. I believed we would win in the end.

You guys are on a 3-win streak. How is the team turning over a new leaf?

I don’t know about turning over a new leaf. I wouldn’t say my team’s morale is up to par yet. I’ll know for sure once we get favorable results against stronger teams. We’re a little exhausted from extended practice sessions.

What did you think about when you watched Mowgli play in the starting roster?

I’ve personally never thought that I performed worse than Mowgli. I heard, however, that having Mowgli facilitated better team communication. I did notice several mistakes when I was on the bench watching his plays. I think he has the potential to play even better. I hope you keep an eye on him.

Did not getting to play in the starting roster have any impact on your psyche?

Not getting to play did rub me the wrong way. Still, I thought the team would have to let me play if I keep up my form. I used to be under a lot of anxiety and pressure, but I’ve now let most of those feelings go.

Are you satisfied with your performance today? What could have gone better?

I'll play in a more composed fashion by improving shotcalling and coordination next game.

You closely lost to Kongdoo after being subbed in Game 2. You also shared your thoughts on social media after the match.

I’ve never thought that I would get to play in the match against Kongdoo. I barely practiced teamplay and was called in to play out of the blue. I thought to myself that I would be so disappointed in myself if I lost after being subbed in Game 2, which I ended up losing. The whole circumstance was just so stressful. I was able to overcome the negativity by talking it over with Kuro.

Did the head coach give you a heads-up about a possible substitution?

I’m doing quite well in scrims. I knew that I’ll be subbed in if Mowgli drops a game.

What were you mainly concerned in facing Haru’s Rengar?

Among other things, Rengar lacks jungle clear compared to Graves. Those were the areas that I focused on to face him. Also, since Rengar isn’t that influential in teamfights, we tailored our comp specifically exploit that.

Anything else you wish to share?

I’d like to thank the fans. Whenever I feel down or want to stop, they’re there to send me kind, supportive messages, which meant a lot and kept me going. I’m very thankful for that. If you keep cheer me on, it’ll build a solid foundation for my pro gaming career.

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