Fan Art Friday - The most OP champions in League of Legends right now

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What are we thankful for? Another Fan Art Friday here at Inven Culture, of course! This week, we’ve pulled art from the top-tier characters in each role for the League of Legends Pre-Season. Want to know who you should be practicing? Get inspired by this artwork. Let the linework carry over to your lane-work. 


We’re going to start with my personal role in League: сupport. While my fishy-bff Nami is still really strong in this patch, she doesn’t hold a fin to Lulu and Leona.


This image of Lulu from artist Bogg48 on DeviantArt is the ultimate mood. Would I wear this as a skin? You know I would. I love the unsmoothed-lines in this piece, paired with low saturation. Overall, it makes for a really fun illustration, capturing the “this is fine” mindset a support player can find themselves in.


Cirath’s art finds itself on the other end of the spectrum; that feeling when you’ve got a full build and your carry is on fire. You cannot stop this support. Your doom is sealed from the moment you see Lulu’s glowing green eyes. 



I’ve been trying to learn tank-support, and this intense piece from DeviantArt artist SHNJKKR may inspire me to keep practicing my flash-E combos from a bush. A golden glow pairs nicely with crimson and blue, giving an amazing tone to this piece.



Any chance to share art from Skirtzzz is a chance I’ll take, and you all know by now how much I love the fanart of characters in everyday clothes. In this illustration, we get the radiant dawn decked-out in 80s apparel, with nods to her regular garb through Solari patterns on her skirt, earrings, and some heavy bangles.

Pairing with support is generally Bot/ADC, and Jhin is unstoppable this season. This illustration from MiushuStudios is perfectly Jhin, delivering drama and divinity. A muted color palette only makes the red more effective.



HolyVarus’s drawing brings a bit more chaos to the virtuoso. Spirits swirl around Jhin as they take a final shot. I really loved the sense of action that came in this piece, from the action burst of the gun to the cloth flaring back.


Samira has been one of the most blocked champions, but her incredible design and style can still be witnessed in this art if not on Summoner’s Rift. Created by GaMu-ChAn on DeviantArt, this piece feels like a classic anime version of Samira. It shines with clean lines and amazing attention to detail on the hair and accessories.



Paddy-F cannot be stopped with this illustration, their style feeling like a nod to the master, Yoshitaka-Amano. The most impressive part of this digital painting for us is how the artist kept the hair so readable, despite only using black, mid-tone, and negative space. Truly inspiring.



Moving on up, let’s hit Mid. Fizz is one of my favorite fish-bros to sea, err… see, and this traditional artwork from ColdBoyArt is an awesome nod to their splash art. I love the attention to contrast present and seeing some non-digital art appear in this fan-art pool. 


Crafts are art, and this Fizz hat from Allyson-x was too cute to scroll by on DeviantArt. Sure to keep your head warm in low-ELO, this cap looks just like the champion. I like the suction cups on the underlining, and the choice to put the mouth on the lower portion of the hat, below the seam to give the illusion of a separate plane. Well done!



Akali is also a beast at mid, and we really liked this digital painting of her from artist miniyi. A challenging angle—but not unlike LoL’s isometric view, this art does a great job in foreshortening without making the champ feel compressed. Bright colors also add a sense of life to the illustration.   



We’ve been wanting to feature MiciaGlo for a while now (her recent Riven was awesome), and this Akali cosplay seemed like a perfect time! The details of this cosplay are insane, from the weapons and their leather-wrapped handles to the show-stopping spiral details on the pants. And I can’t even start on how perfect the wig is—wow. Well done! 



Now, let’s get into the Jungle with the saddest of sad-bois, Amumu. Artist sinner-moon’s version of Amumu was too cute not to feature, and I’ve always been a sucker for solid sticker-like graphics. This piece is super-vibrant and demands attention… and maybe a hug.


This art is insane. KindConstructor created this incredible Robot Amumu, and it has us floored. The rusting and grunge give an antiqued vibe, while a diorama of mad-scientist poros fill the base of the statuette.


Also strong in the jungle is Graves. This portrait from Gamaa felt perfectly on-brand for the character, the rough brushes showing an unpolished yet confident style that matches the brash outlaw, without losing any detail.



A bit opposite, this image shows Graves in a more delicate tone. Illustrated by karipaku, there is an arcane, almost tarot-card feel to this digital painting, hinting at a troubled backstory from the character, and leaving the viewer intrigued.



Last but not least are the champions of the Top Lane. Malphite is really strong this preseason, and this artwork from redfisherman conveys the sense I get whenever I realize that the enemy top has been fed. An intimidating sight to see, this Malphite emerges from a fog onto a red landscape. Inhibitor will surely be down soon. 



This one was cute. I don’t need to defend myself. With all the monstrous and scary Malphite art, this cheerful rendition from Cherrycake4 gave me a chuckle and easily made it onto the list. Plus, it’s part of an entire LoL Valentine’s Day Card Collection from the artist! All with fun wordplay!



We wrap up this list with Fiora, and who better to represent the grand duelist than the empress of cosplay herself, Yaya Han. Fiora’s Nightraven skin is perfectly recreated in this cosplay, with every curl and flourish detailed. But from Yaya, we would expect nothing less! 



With winter setting in down here, we’re choosing to wrap up the list with a pool-party version of Fiora. Artist Faithom shows an amazing knowledge of colors in this digital painting; look no further than how Fiora’s scarf looks underwater. That’s talent. I also loved the sparkly eyes; always a fun touch that gives a slight anime vibe to an image.

Thanks for sticking with us through all of this art, and hope you Season 11 is rewarding! If you enjoyed this feature, or have a recommendation of who you’d like to see featured in future articles, let us know on social media by tagging @InvenGlobal and me, @ggMattB! See you on the rift.

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