[Guide] Genshin Impact beginner's guide: Top 5 daily tasks to complete for beginners

Now that the much anticipated Genshin Impact is among us, learning to progress through the story while also increasing your adventurer rank will require players to utilize their resin efficiently. If you are new to the game, you will soon find that resin will be your most valuable commodity once you reach adventure rank 20 and are able to access most of the daily content available in the game.


Even prior to reaching AR20, you will likely be trying to find the quickest way to gain experience and build your rank so that you can access everything the game has to offer. That said, completing specific tasks daily will have a huge impact on your account progression.


Here are 5 daily tasks I recommend for those new to Genshin Impact to efficiently build their rank and reach higher level content. 


1. Complete daily commissions and expeditionsComplete daily commission quests for additional rewards from the Adventurers’ Guild!



Upon reaching Adventure Rank 12, daily commissions become available for you to complete to earn primogems, mora, adventure experience, and other useful items. There are a total of four available commissions and they reset each day. All four tasks can be completed within 30 minutes or less once you have most of the map explored. Knowing this, if you only have an hour or less to play in a day, you should definitely prioritize your daily commissions first. There is no easier way to build your Adventure Rank and stock up on mora for your account. In addition, you receive primogems which any free to play or whale should be saving for wishes on current or future banners. 


At Adventure Rank 14, expeditions are unlocked at the Adventurers’ Guild giving you another very easy daily task to complete to obtain resources such as mining items, cooking ingredients, and mora. Initially, you are able to dispatch only two characters on expeditions and the player can select the expedition they would like depending on the rewards available. The longer the task (they are available in 4/8/12/20-hour intervals), the greater the rewards. As you increase in rank, you will be able to dispatch more characters on expeditions; currently, you can dispatch up to 5 after you reach AR36. As you do not need to be logged in to complete expeditions, you should definitely send your characters on expeditions before you log out of the game


2. Spend your resin


Resin will be one of your most valuable resources as you increase your Adventure Rank since you are capped at 160 resin to use daily and the recharge rate is about one resin every eight minutes. In addition, most of the activities and tasks you should be completing daily for various materials will cost resin, so you should never let it sit at max capacity as then you are not using it most efficiently. Below are recommended tasks to complete daily depending on your current progress in the game and need of specific resources. 


Ley Line Outcrops (20 resin)


There are two different types of Ley Line Outcrops that can be challenged and will reward a player with adventurer experience and either character experience or mora, depending on the type of Ley Line for 20 resin: Blossom of Revelation rewards XP and Blossom of Wealth rewards mora. These are essentially small battles that constantly respawn and can be found on your map at any time in the game. The rewards increase as your Adventure Rank increases. The Blossoms of Revelation become available after AR3, and Blossoms of Wealth after AR12. 


Complete Abyssal Domains (20+ resin)


The only way to receive materials required to ascend weapons is through the completion of domains (Forgery). In addition, the only way to obtain the materials needed to level up a character's Talents is also through domains (Mastery).


Domains of Forgery become available at AR16 and Domains of Mastery become available at AR27. Completing these domains should be a priority for beginners as the resources obtained will make your characters significantly stronger. Also, there is no limit to how often you can enter a domain, you will only be limited by your resin. As shown above, you can easily find domains on your map and they become teleport waypoints after your first visit.


At AR22 you can access your first Domain of Blessings which will reward artifacts. However, I do not recommend beginners to farm artifacts as they will not really help your account progression given the game’s difficulty. Most of the content you encounter prior to AR36 you can clear with the artifacts you will obtain through your normal progression through the story, world quests, etc.  



Defeat world and weekly bosses (40-60 Resin)

World bosses are enemies found in the adventurer handbook and are available to battle when you reach World Rank 1 in your account progression. Although the cost to receive the rewards after defeating a world boss is 40 resin, they reward adventure experience and ascension materials for your characters which is required to increase your character level.


As your world level increases, so does the level of the world bosses. All world bosses' locations are indicated on the world map so you should be hitting these when your main team reaches level 20/40 and you need to ascend characters to higher levels. The element of the world boss will dictate the type of ascension materials received, ie. the anemo boss will drop ascension materials for anemo based characters. They respawn within minutes so you can attack them multiple times until your resin is gone. Similarly, weekly bosses provide adventure experience, artifacts, and ascension materials as rewards but at the cost of 60 resin. Weekly bosses are much more difficult to fight and respawn weekly.  


3. Complete daily Battle Pass tasks 



Available after AR20, the Battle Pass is basically a time-limited reward system that offers players various rewards for increasing their BP Level. All players start at level 0 upon unlocking the battle pass, and your BP level resets each time the Battle Pass resets which is a little over a month-long. To increase your BP level, you will need to complete daily missions and weekly missions. Given the ease in which it takes to complete the daily missions, you should never skip your daily BP missions. The Battle Pass basically offers free materials, primogems, mora, etc. so any free to play player should take advantage of this system while leveling.


Pro tip: send characters on expeditions that reward mining materials as the reward from your expedition will count towards the daily mine 10 items task. 

4. Farm Ascension and Enhancement materials


Farming mining materials should be a daily priority as they allow you to craft enhancement ores to level up your weapons


Farming domains and bosses will reward you with key ascension materials. However, ascension and enhancements require additional resources that can be farmed from simple exploration of the world map. Mining materials should always be farmed daily since those allow you to craft enhancement ores to level your weapons. Other ascension materials include items such as Philanemo Mushrooms which spawn daily on buildings in Mondstat or other areas with buildings like Springvale.


Depending on the character, you will need to explore the world map to locate the additional ascension materials required for your chosen character. Note, viewing an item in your inventory will provide details on where it can be found and other methods it can be obtained. You will notice that some ascension/enhancement materials can also be bought from vendors or NPC’s located around the world map.


Philanemo Mushrooms are items that should be farmed daily as they are key resources for some character ascensions


5. Explore the mapUnlock Statue of the Seven locations and teleport waypoints, collect Oculi and Sigils


The final recommendation I have for beginners is to take the time early to explore the world map and locate all the teleport waypoints, domains, and Statues of the Seven. Activating all the teleport waypoints will greatly decrease the amount of time it will take you to complete daily commissions.


In addition, locating all the Statues of the Seven will expand your world map to reveal areas that are hidden when you first start the game. You also receive primogems and adventurer experience by activating these, so it’s worth your while to start early. That said, there is so much content to explore in Genshin Impact so do not feel rushed to complete as much as possible in a day or even a week. I recommend you take your time to enjoy what the game has to offer and focus on a team of characters that you enjoy playing with.


I hope these five tips help guide you in the right direction as you progress through Teyvat and good luck on your travels! 

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