Who is Hogger?: Get to know the 90th Heroes of the Storm hero

▲ Hogger is ready to claw, slash, and bite his way through the nexus. Images via Blizzard


On Monday afternoon, the Heroes of the Storm community was greeted by the 90th playable hero to enter the nexus as Hogger, the gnarly, nasty gnoll, was announced on the game's official Twitter account


For fans of the World of Warcraft or Hearthstone franchises, you are likely familiar with him in some capacity or have the baseline understanding that he's a wanted, angry, and savage brute with exactly 666 health in the former. It's difficult to rise to the ranks of chieftain of the Riverpaw gnoll clan based in the Southern Elwynn Forest and not be a little rough around the edges.


Historically, early World of Warcraft players will acquire a quest to slay the axe-wielding gnoll in the forest as he's only a level 11 Elite. But, if they attempt to slay the beast while under-leveled, take the early challenge for granted, or get mobbed by his gnoll henchmen, he can prove to be a difficult foe.


▲ Hogger in World of Warcraft is always down for a fight.


His passion for violence can only be matched by his love of meat and bones. Perhaps Hogger and Stitches have more in common than some would have thought?


For another version of his story, check out the video below from longtime World of Warcraft historian, Nobbel87.


Hogger is set to reach the Public Test Realm later in the day. If you want to check out his full list of abilities and talent tree, you can find them here

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