Kai’Sa stans dance all over K/DA’s “DRUM GO DUM” music video


League of Legends’ virtual pop supergroup K/DA has released another video supporting the “ALL OUT” EP. “DRUM GO DUM” is a catchy, and quick-paced song featuring Aluna, Wolftyla, and Bekum BOOM, and has been chosen to focus on the dancing daughter of the void, Kai’Sa. Her fans were excited to finally get to see their favorite champion get a bit of the spotlight, as in previous tracks, she’s taken a bit more of a backseat to the flashy Akali and captivating Evelynn.



Managing expectations may not be Riot’s strongest suit, as “DRUM GO DUM” definitely didn’t deliver what was expected. Despite featuring the spectacular teenage dancer and choreographer Bailey Sok, this video didn’t hit the same way “VILLAIN,” “MORE,” AND “THE BADDEST” have.


The direction and editing choices seem a bit uninformed, and make it so some of Sok’s most impressive sequences can’t be seen clearly. Cuts between various locations and color balances cause a jarring sensation and lack the impressive attention to detail we’ve seen in all other releases.



The most shocking of all, Kai’Sa is missing, making basically a cameo in her own music video. There are a few times when the marksman can be seen on television screens or in overlaid flashes, but for the most part, we have to assume she’s been recalled to base. If Kai’Sa had been featured more prominently in other videos, or if expectations were set a little bit clearer, perhaps the video would have gone over more smoothly.


But stans gonna stan.


Backlash—as per usual—was quick, clever, and everywhere, with Twitter users seeing “Kai’Sa” trending nationally and worldwide after the release. While critical towards Riot and their omission of a character, the posts were mostly supportive of Sok, exonerating her from any responsibility as to the direction of the video. We’ve compiled some of the best tweets below.




Riot moved to get more Kai’Sa to the people, quickly releasing two videos featuring the character out on social media. Similar to Evelynn’s video, this content is spoken right to the camera. Kai’Sa thanks the fans for their support. 




The content feels repurposed rather than original. The videos released would have made a lot more sense after the #STYLEMORE and #DANCEMORE challenges, as they’re both thanking fans for taking part in an activation. “Thanks for showing us how our music moves you” is almost a direct response to the #DANCEMORE call-to-action.



Also—much like with the release calendar from “VILLAIN”—we got a highlight video for “DRUM GO DUM.” This video has zero Bailey Sok, and instead shows some new content of Kai’Sa dancing.

Overall, fans seemed happy to get these choreographed crumbs, but a few followers still got in a couple of jabs. We look forward to seeing what else we may get from K/DA as time goes on. How did you feel about the music video? Did Sok’s choreography keep you entertained, or did you feel Kai’Sa’s absence left a bit of a void? Let us know on social! 

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