[GUIDE] Monthly Yupir's Labyrinth strategy for all 5 final stages: November

The 5 final stage bosses for November’s Yupir’s Labyrinth: Cybele, Wilkes, Anastasia, Carlos, and Deva


One of the best ways to accumulate free Xes in-game is through Yupir’s Labyrinth. This daily activity consists of five dungeons each with five stages of increasing difficulty. Only one stage may be cleared per day and entry is granted after every daily reset. Every month there is a new rotation of dungeons to claim your daily free Xes. The breakdown of Xes per stage:


  • Stage 1 — 30 Xes
  • Stage 2 — 50 Xes
  • Stage 3 — 100 Xes
  • Stage 4 — 200 Xes 
  • Stage 5 — 250 Xes


As there are a total of 5 dungeons with the same Xes reward for each of their 5 stages, the total amount of free Xes a player can obtain monthly 3150 is Xes! That is a substantial amount for free to play players and low spenders. As the first 4 stages are fairly simple for all players, let's review the mechanics for every stage 5 battle to help you pick the units to clear each one.


Clear final stages with ease by understanding boss mechanics


A feature of Yupir’s Labyrinth that players can benefit from is the fact that any stage in any dungeon can be completed at any time in the month. So if you wanted to start the month completing every stage 5 for the first week, that’s entirely up to you. My recommendation would be to wait until a weekly banner for a unit you need and tackle the final stages that week to obtain more Xes for more recruitment opportunities. 


The difficulty in completing every stage in each dungeon stems from the hidden mechanic that is added to each boss fight. When entering a boss fight for any given stage, you need to expect some trial and error in your first attempt in order to try and solve the unique challenge you will have to overcome to win. Luckily, this guide will provide you the details for the current final stages.  


Stages in the Labyrinth can be completed at any time and any order, there are no restrictions


Common characteristics for all boss battles in the Lab is that they all have mark/status/debuff/reflect damage immunity. So do not expect easy battles by taking advantage of the unique marks from the Generals (Bathory, Rachel, Shufraken, Jinai, Garff, and Dorka). In addition, this guide will not give you step-by-step details on how to complete each stage. Every player has different units built and will utilize teams that best suit their play style. That said, minimal requirements for an easy clear that I would suggest before tackling every final stage in the Lab:


  1. All units should be at level 75+, preferably level 90, so they can be equipped with a full set of armor. 

  2. All units used for a stage should be geared in full fated gear at level 60, especially if you have some units that have not been blessed to a max 6-star grade.

  3. Damage dealers should always be burst units at 6-star grade to maximize the burst damage potential. If not using burst damage, units enhanced with Signature Force level 1 are very good alternatives. 

  4. Supports and tanks can be 5-star, but not recommended as your mana will be limited.

  5. All units used should be +5 enhanced to maximize stats.


Sky Gate 5 — Cybele


Cybele is the final encounter of the first Dungeon and is by far the easiest. The objective is to down Cybele first before attacking the additional enemies. 


As usual, the easiest of the five dungeons is the Sky Gate due to it having the easiest challenge and the boss having the lowest CP level. In this stage, the final battle is against Cybele and a team of enemies. If you know the mechanics of this battle, there should be no reason you shouldn’t clear this stage if you meet the requirements above.


The simple rule for the fight is to take out Cybele first before attacking her support units as you will die if you attack the additional units. I recommend bringing four single-target damage dealers with Burst damage in all multiple elements. Your frontline can be a Protect tank or support unit like FC Iris who can generate mana. Do not use defense types with thrust passive or attack types with counter passives as you will die on counter hits as well. Utilize a back row emphasized formation with the following heroes for this stage:


  1. Frontline Tanks — Garff, Uloom, Degas, Liechtenstein, Tantalo, Luke
  2. Frontline Support — Anastasia, Lepin, Iris, Kaya
  3. Backline — Rachel, Deva, Adams, Morris, Brook, Baraka, Jinn, Rudley (no FC), and Nermash


Sky Path 5 — Wilkes


Wilkes is the Sky Path boss and she attacks immediately at the start of the first turn doing massive damage.


The next dungeon boss is the rare grade hero Wilkes. The challenge for this stage is essentially survival as Wilkes has the ability to move first and hit your team with a very strong AOE nuke that can potentially one-shot an undergeard hero.


Similar to the battle against Cybele, you want to nuke her down as quickly as possible to avoid a second-round wipe. You also want your team to be tanky enough to withstand her first turn nuke. Utilizing a tank like Garff to increase your overall health and defense, and a revive type support unit will help here. If your CP is above 3-million and you have strong single target burst heroes, then you can utilize a full backrow attack setup like the Cybele fight. Potential units to use:


  1. Backline — Rachel, Baraka, Jinn, FC Deva, FC Adams, Rudley (no FC), Nermash, Deradan, Morris
  2. Frontline Tank — Garff, Chati, Uloom, Degas, Tantalo, Luke, Liechtenstein
  3. Frontline Support — Anastasia, FC Iris, Lepin (or FC Version), Karin


In addition, as mentioned before, your Burst damage dealers should all be 6-star grade to increase maximum damage output. Meeting that standard will allow you to clear this stage very easily. If you were lucky enough to recruit an FC Iris, I highly recommend using her as your solo frontline unit as her mana boost helps greatly to speed this fight. 


Starry Corridor 5 — Anastasia


Anastasia lives up to her hype as a strong healer and the Starry Corridor boss. Bring nullify heal to prevent her from healing to full health every round.


This third dungeon battle is very similar in difficulty to the previous two as the mechanic is not too difficult to navigate around. Dealing big burst damage here is the key to survival as Anastasia can recover all her HP whenever she heals. If you do not have 4 strong burst damage heroes then you may not be able to kill her fast enough to prevent a second round heal causing more difficulty in clearing the stage.


However, if damage is on the lower end, you should be able to clear this stage with a strong tank and support unit for heals and a revive. Having Ramge is key here for an easy clear given his special heal block ability. A back row emphasized formation is recommended here with 4 burst damage dealers and a frontline tank or healer to revive. While any burst damage dealers would be viable here, potential units to consider:


  1. Frontline Support/Defense — FC Garff, FC Lepin, FC Anastasia, Kaya, Uloom, Degas, Liechtenstein, Karin, Cybele
  2. Backline Damage Dealers — FC or normal Rachel/Baraka/Jinn, Rudley, FC or normal Bathory, FC Annie, FC Rera, FC Adams, FC Deva, FC Brook,FC Morris, Nermash, FC Otard


Abyssal Gate 5 — Carlos


This battle with Carlos is easier than previous month’s Abyssal Gate 5, he becomes immune to physical damage after gaining 5 mana. 



The Abyssal Gate 5 challenge for November is much easier than the previous months. Carlos is the final boss here and the only new mechanic to this fight is that he gains physical damage immunity after gaining 5 mana. As his stats in general are not that high, it is very easy to burst him down in the first round if you bring 4 damage dealers and a tank.


If you are concerned that your damage may not be high enough, I suggest bringing your strongest magic attack types with burst damage skills. That way if he gains 5 mana before you can eliminate him, you still have a chance to snipe him with your magic attackers. In addition, do not auto the first two stages as you should just use basic attacks to build mana for a first round burst when you reach Carlos. Recommended units for this battle include:


  1. Frontline Support/Defense — Garff, Uloom, Anastasia, Lepin, Kaya, FC Iris, Degas, Tantalo, Luke 
  2. Backline Attack — FC Deva, Bathory, FC Annie, FC Scarlet, FC Bernadette
    1. Secondary — Rachel, Rudley, Jinn, Baraka, FC Morris, FC Brook


Abyssal Path 5 — Deva


Deva follows the same elemental damage immunity seen in previous months, every 20% health  she rotates elemental immunity.


The final dungeon, Abyssal Path 5, is also easier this month as it also utilizes a mechanic seen in previous Labs. Deva becomes vulnerable to a single element every time her health drops 20%, which can be gauged by her mana bar. Her elemental vulnerability follows this order: fire frost, machine, dark, nature. Note that the damage immunity does not limit your damage to 20% of her health.


If you have a strong enough unit, you can potentially skip an element entirely. For example, my FC Brook was strong enough to use his active 2 burst skill to bring Deva down to less than 40% health. Thus, I was able to skip frost and machine damage. So depending on how strong your attack types are, you are not required to bring every element Deva is vulnerable to; although I recommend you should in case you make a mistake and land her in an elemental you didn’t bring. Recommended units are below:


  1. Frontline Support/Defense — Tantalo, Shufraken, Luke, Degas, Uloom
  2. Backline Damage Dealers — FC Brook, Bathory, FC Morris, FC Adams, Rudley

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