[Official] Coach Kim joins BLG as head coach for the team, begins his second tenure in the LPL

Source: Billibilli Gaming


On Nov. 18th, Billibilli Gaming announced that the former head coach for T1, Kim Jeong-soo, will be joining the team. For coach Kim, it’ll be his second tenure in the LPL.


Coach Kim has a rich history of leading his team into success. With two LCK championships and four consecutive Worlds appearances (performing very well with each appearance), each under a different team, he’s recognized as one of the best in the business.



He signed with T1 under a three-year deal in 2020. After T1 became Spring champions, their slump came in the Summer split. This eventually led to the team failing to qualify for Worlds, and despite his three-year deal, he commented that he “Will take all responsibility and resign”, and left the team.


Now, coach Kim looks to return to China for his second tenure in the LPL, with BLG. In a short phone interview with Inven, he stated why he decided to join BLG. “The team didn’t have any problems financially, and they seemed very trustworthy. Furthermore, they were actively trying to engage in a conversation in working together, and that’s the key reason behind choosing BLG over many different offers that I had on the table.”


Currently, every team around the world is in the midst of rebuilding their roster, and coach Kim & BLG is no different. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not easy for him to fly out to China. Kim comments, “I’m currently actively communicating with them. Although I cannot fly out to China right this moment, I’ll do my best with the tools I’ve been given.”


Lastly, he provided his resolution for the upcoming season. “My goal is to work hard and lead BLG into Worlds. I’d like to thank my agency, Shadow Corporation, for aiding me in making this deal happen.”

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