Augment your life with this massive Run The Jewels x Cyberpunk 2077 drop


Cyberpunk 2077 may be delayed, but that’s not stopping hip-hop duo Run the Jewels from releasing an epic drop containing a new music video, a merch capsule, and a dozen beers. Which do we even dive into first? To set the tone, let’s go with the music video.


“No Save Point” is a song that RTJ made alongside CD Projekt Red and director Mike Diva. The song perfectly captures the vibe of Night City in a mix of tech and brutality. While it may be a bit softer than other RTJ songs, the track still packs a punch. A couple of the lines are a bit on the nose (“Keanu Reeves, cyber arm under my sleeve”), but the production is so solid that it’s easy to forgive. 


The effects and editing really take the cake in this music video, though, featuring denizens of Night City and an explosion of neon effects. If you feel the music video has familiar vibes, that’s probably because you recognize Diva’s other works, like Lil Nas X’s cyberpunk-esque video for “Panini.” Diva has an unparalleled ability to create intense and visually overwhelming scenes, while still maintaining control. At any time, you can pause and easily identify the focal point, but also discover numerous other interesting additions. 



Along with the music video is RTJ x Cyberpunk 2077 merch capsule, including hoodies, mugs, bandanas, and more. The collection feels fairly straight-forward and features heavy branding for both the duo and CD Projekt Red. If you’re not a fan of one, the other, or both, you’ll probably be passing on this as no subtle looks are included. 


The Hoodie is definitely our fave of the collection, made of heavyweight fleece that will not only protect from the cold and wet, but probably also any aggressive nanobots. It features a low-poly render of the Run the Jewels logo on the front, in the electric yellow that Cyberpunk has been painting the town with. You can check out the capsule here, with most items still available for preorder.



The drop concludes with the announcement of the “No Save Point” craft beer world tour. A dozen breweries from around the globe were given a 6.5% hazy IPA recipe to create from. Allowing room to improvise, each brewery will be able to add their own spin on the beer, showing off what makes them unique.

Additionally, each beer has its own incredible label artwork. Most are variations of the Wolf/Run The Jewels iconography (seen in the merch line as well), but a few were more creative. We liked the Australian Moon Dog Brewery label which uses clean line art and flat colors. 

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