Jin Air Green Wings League of Legends team disbands

▲ Source: Jin Air Green Wings


The Jin Air Green Wings League of Legends team will be disbanding. On November 17, Jin Air Green Wings announced that the League of Legends team will be disbanding. Jin Air Green wings hadn’t been selected among the teams for the franchising next year.


Jin Air Green Wings appeared in the Korean League of Legends scene in 2013. They were known to be a team to discover many prospects. Over 30 players that played in the LCK have gone through Jin Air Green Wings.


However, their performance started to decline in 2019 and they were relegated after the summer season. In 2020 spring, they fell to 7th place in Challengers Korea, and in the summer, they reached the playoffs by finishing 1st in the regular season but lost in the finals of the playoffs.


The translation of their full message is as follows.


From 2013 to now, thank you for loving and cheering for the Jin Air Green Wings League of Legends team.


Despite your support and cheering, Jin Air Greenwings wasn't able to be selected as one of the teams in the LCK franchise model for 2021. It's very regretful, but as of today, Jin Air Greenwings will be parting ways with the coaches and players, and will be shutting down the team's operations.

The memory of getting our first LCK win...

The memories of being with the fans at the spring picnic, fall field day, open house, etc...

The sad memory of being relegated to Challengers Korea by losing the last match...

All of it was precious moments that were together with you, who loved Jin Air Greenwings.


Although Jin Air Greenwings will be exiting this way, we will never forget all the love from you. Please continue to cheer for our coaching staff and players so that they can continue to do well in the LCK.


Thank you to head coach Cha Ji-hoon, coach Kim Dong-hyeon, coach Oh Ji-hwan, TaNa, UmTi, Seize, Yaharong, Light, Rumor, and Senan. We'll look forward to your performance in the future.


Thank you again to everyone who loved Jin Air Green Wings. Thank you.

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