[UPDATED 11/23] Broxah, Finn, WildTurtle to CLG, here is the official 2021 CLG roster

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CLG has had a rough few years since their 2016 MSI Finals appearance. They performed well in NA in 2017, but barring a 2019 Summer Split third-place finish, they've been seventh or lower for the other five splits. In 2020, CLG finished 10th in spring and ninth in summer. With that in mind, the org is in need of some rejuvenation to find their return to glory. They've officially signed three new players so far. Here is the current roster for CLG heading into 2021:


Counter Logic Gaming
Pos. 2020 2021
Top Ruin Finn
Jungle Wiggily Broxah
Mid Pobelter Pobelter
ADC Stixxay WildTurtle
Support Smoothie Smoothie
H. Coach

Confirmed player signings are in green. Confirmed player departures are in strikethrough red. Transfers reported by reputable sources are in purple.


CLG didn't announce anything on the night of free agency, November 16, but they started making moves one day later, first releasing former top laner, Kim "Ruin" Hyeong-min, and later announcing both Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen and Finn "Finn" Wiestål. With Ruin's release, it's expected for Finn to be the starting top laner for CLG in 2021. He is moving to NA for the first time in his career and is coming off of a short Worlds run with Rogue, the LEC third seed. Broxah will start his second season in NA after spending 2019 on Team Liquid, and comes off a similar run at Worlds. These are the only two current player changes CLG has announced so far, and there are otherwise various soft rumors of the rest of the roster, but nothing yet seems set in stone. Broxah and Finn are both EU imports, however, so the team will otherwise consist of NA and/or OCE players. 


UPDATE 11/20: CLG officially released Stixxay and signed Jason "WildTurtle" Tran as their 2021 bot laner.


Update 11/23: CLG confirmed their entire 2021 roster, announcing Eugene "Pobelter" Park and Andy "Smoothie" Ta would remain with the team moving into the new year.


Check back here and on our Twitter below for more updates as news continues throughout the free agency period.




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