Fan Art Friday: Genshin Impact

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With a massive cast of beautiful anime-styled characters set in a fantastical world, it’s no surprise that the art community has taken a shine to
Genshin Impact. Even Damwon Gaming’s BeryL has fallen hard for the game, dropping $7,000 USD on microtransactions after winning the League of Lengends’ Worlds 2020. So, let’s dive into a stunning pool of curated art for you today, filled with magic girls, stoic guys, and… well, Paimon.

When given the opportunity, one should always share work from RaikoArt. This mind-blowing digital painting of Jean comes from earlier this year. Everything about this piece is epic, from the glowing sword and how its light plays across the character to the wish-fulfilling dandelion seeds, floating like an angel’s feathers.


An in-demand support character, Venti stars in this next fan art, brought to you by the artist Merueki on DeviantArt. The character’s mischievous attitude is definitely present in the picture, sitting right behind a broad smile. The Tone-Deaf Bard is rendered with beautiful colors, and a low angle helps reinforce the idea that they’re there to help. 


Given Fischl’s confidence, we loved not only the art but the title of this piece from NQLart. “Fischl can’t lose just yet!” is a semi-realistic portrait of the character, packed with idol vibes. We especially like the way that NQL rendered the hair in this piece, using a looser brush to create blocks and form. With star quality such as this, we know why BeryL has Fischl on their roster. 


Cosplay is always an important part of fan art, and we were excited to see that RinnieRiot had already completed a look as Lisa. The knowledgeable witch is complete with her trademark hat, and golden rose on her hip. As always, Rinnie’s attention to detail really brings the character to life, with golden applique and lace giving texture and authenticity to the look. 


This incredible fan art comes from 10Juu on DeviantArt. An exorcist with an excess of power and an excess of pressure put upon them, there’s a tension to this Chongyun artwork that can be felt through the screen. We love the blue and spectral green tones used throughout, which construct a unique and haunting atmosphere. Well done! 


As promised, PAIMON!!!! This cute story-book style of digital art comes from DeviantArt’s NecryoNics. While the art looks cutesy, it’s packed with detailed work and techniques that elevate it and land it on this list as one of our faves. Notice the subtle shading on the eyes. The wind carrying weeds and butterflies the same direction, the choice of when to allow the under sketch to peak through—all intentional, all effective. 



It’s hard not to share DRACKOJIANO every week on Fan Art Friday, as the artist is always on-trend. DRACKOJIANO has created several Genshin portraits, but this piece of glider champion Amber was our favorite, exuding Amber’s energetic personality. The bright colors may be the first thing to grab your eye, but we implore you to look at the details the artist creates in cloth. The sleeves and hood have perfectly stylized folds; the two-panel construction on the glove is flawless. Make sure to give this artist’s gallery a dive if you’ve got the time! 


Wrapping up the set for this article comes to the “4-stars Team” from Stukimura. Your team is everything in Genshin Impact, so we feel like we’d fail if we didn’t share at least one group shot. We love the way that Stukimura shows the interactions between characters, and each gets a small moment to shine in the artwork. An amazing job is also done with the colors and tones; it can be quite a challenge balancing the neutral tones of Razor and Xiangling with the more vivid Xingqiu and Venti. 

That brings us to wonder… Who’s on your team? Who would be on your dream squad? Let us know on social media!


Can’t get enough of Genshin Impact, we’ve got more curated fan art here! Thanks for joining us!

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